Aer Lingus Pet Policy- Find More About It

Having pets is the most amazing experience; some of the pets are playful, cute, energetic, and loving. Pets allow people to feel compassion, love, and sympathy. They are the ones that never leave your side no matter what. But there are times when you have to travel or go to some other location and it’s difficult to carry pets along, as many transport systems have banned taking pets while traveling. But if  you get the permission there are many strict  pet policies which an individual has to follow. Let us know more detail about ‘Aer Lingus Pet Policy’.

Aer Lingus Pet Policy

Aer Lingus Pet Policy

When it comes to traveling with pets, each airline has its own set of laws. These rules have been put into place to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. If you are considering traveling with your pet on Aer Lingus Airlines, the pet policy listed below can help you plan your trip.

Aer Lingus Pet Policy:

1. In-Cabin Pet Policy

Apart from trained and qualified service dogs, Aer Lingus will not allow pets in the cabin of the airplane. Support dogs traveling inside the EU must be prepared by an organization that serves disabled people.  A Service Dog Identity Card is required for all support dogs. The harnessed working dogs traveling with their disabled riders will be transported free of charge, but arrangements should be made at least 48 hours beforehand with the airline. If the dog is approaching or departing Ireland in a cabin, the owner must notify the Department of Agriculture. 

2. Checked Baggage and other related Pet Policy

Aer Lingus might transport the pet in the cargo portion of the airplane if it is too big to fit beneath the seat, if it is a big animal besides a dog or cat, or if the trip is long, under its transatlantic flight laws. The temperature and humidity in the cargo section are the same as in the passenger compartment.

Pets are permitted to travel as checked luggage only on transcontinental flights to Boston, Newark, Washington, New York, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, and Toronto. Trips within the European Union must be booked via a licensed freight forwarder as air transportation. 

When traveling with Aer Lingus, all cats, dogs, and bunnies must be at least 10 weeks old. Aer Lingus is aware of the increased risk of live animals being carried during the hotter summer months and the colder winter months. Aer Lingus will not allow pets to travel if the temperature at any town on your route is expected to be beyond 85°F or under 45°F. An Acclimation Certificate might be granted during periods of cooler weather. Aer Lingus should be contacted about this. 

3. Air Cargo Policy

Aer Lingus can carry cats and rabbits as visible (air) cargo on flights across Europe, to Ireland, as well as between Ireland and the United Kingdom, using the facilities of IAG Cargo, and an agency will be needed to arrange the transportation.

Dogs, cats, and rabbits that have been domesticated are allowed to travel. Medical certificates provided within 10 days of traveling, evidence of rabies immunization, and other necessary papers for the landing country are required. Pets are not permitted on flights between Ireland and Jersey or between Ireland and Rennes.

4. Airports Served Pet Policy

Aer Lingus travels to locations across Europe as well as the United States and Canada. Only specific flights connecting Ireland and North America, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are allowed to bring their pets.

5. Policy regarding Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens traveling to certain other EU Member States covered by Aer Lingus should have an EU Pet Visa with a microchip and rabies vaccination provided no earlier than 12 weeks of age and a minimum of 21 days before departure.

6. Breeds That are Banned

Akita, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazilieros, Mastiff, American Pitbull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, and Japanese Tosa are some of the breeds or hybrids that Aer Lingus will not transport. Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Persian/exotic cats are examples of snub-nosed breeds that will not be allowed. Only cats and dogs will be transported as checked luggage, while cats, dogs, and bunnies will be transported as air cargo by Aer Lingus. 


Most people want to carry pets along with them while  going on vacation or holidays, but at times it becomes difficult to do so. Although there are rules and regulations made by many transport systems there is also some leverage given through which one can take their pets along with them. Additionally, they have no idea of how a particular airline will apply these regulations. Non-adherence may lead to your pet’s boarding permits being revoked. It is  recommended  that you obey the rules of the airlines on which the pet is traveling to minimize any potential interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Will an Aer Lingus flight allow me to bring my dog?

Ans: Apart from trained and qualified support dogs, Aer Lingus does not allow pets in the cabin of the airplane. 

2. Is it possible for pets to travel to Ireland?

Ans: To visit Ireland, you’ll need an EU pet passport provided by one of the European nations.

3. What is the cost of a dog’s flight ticket?

Ans: You will not be able to purchase an additional seat for your dog. 

4. What registration are needed at Aer Lingus for your pet?

Ans: Pets should be registered via an IAG Cargo pet agency for transport in the airplane hold on Aer Lingus trips.

Aer Lingus Pet Policy- Find More About It

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