Alaska Airlines Pet Policy -Know More About It

According to the destination numbers and the passengers carried, Alaska Airlines is an American airline and is ranked as the sixth biggest airline in North America. Its headquarters are in SeaTac, Washington. Alaska Airlines sympathizes with their passengers’ love and care for their pets and has provided policies for pets’ safe and friendly travel. You can also transport your pet by Alaska Airlines if you don’t want to travel for some reason. The airline will make sure to take care of your pet in your absence. Let us know about “Alaska Airlines Pet Policy”

According to the size of pets, Alaska Airlines has given different policies for different sizes of pets-

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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Policy To Travel In-Cabin-

This policy is applicable for small-sized pets like small cats, dogs, and birds. The pets should be clean and tidy. Following are the policies for in-cabin travel-


The pet should be eight years or more in age.

b. Reservation-

You should inform Alaska Airlines to travel with a pet within twenty-four hours of the time of flight. Pets are not accepted to travel if you inform the airline more than four hours before departure. All the paperwork should be done at least two hours before the departure. The reservation of pets has to be done by texting the airline at the given number and is not performed online. The first class of Alaska Airlines accepts one pet in the cabin and at most five pets in the main cabin. The airline is not transporting birds to Hawaii.

c. Kennel size And Requirements-

The maximum size of the soft-sided kennel in which the pets are to be kept should be 17x11x9.5 (inches) and for the hard-side kennel, the maximum size should be 17x11x7.5 (inches). The kennel should have enough space so that the pet can move around easily and its bottom should be waterproof. One kennel can have up to two pets and the total weight of pets and kennel should not be greater than 20 pounds. You can put water and food for pets inside the kennel. The kennel should be ventilated.

d. Forms Needed-

No healthcare forms or rabies form is required in Alaska Airlines for the pets traveling in the cabin. The fee required for in-cabin traveling is $100 for both sides.

2. Policy For Baggage Pets-

This policy is applied to pets having a larger size or for very long flights. Ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, non-poisonous reptiles, hamsters, and tropical fish are the names of a few pets that are under this category. Dogs and cats of at least 8 weeks are also allowed. 

Following Are The Policies For Baggage Pets-

a. Reservation-

You should inform within twenty-four hours of the time of flight in case traveling with a pet. Check-in should be done one or two hours before the flight. In case, your journey includes the transfer of flights, then the layover should not be more than four hours.

b. Kennel Size And Requirements-

The maximum size of the kennel should be 53x48x34 (inches) and the minimum size should be 21x16x15 (inches). One kennel should consist of only one dog or cat aged more than six months. Up to two kittens or puppies aged between eight weeks to six months can be transported in the same kennel having same-sex and familiarity with each other. The total weight of the kennel and pets should not be more than 150 pounds.

c. Certificates Required-

A health certificate is required which is to be issued by a licensed veterinarian less than ten days ahead of travel. A vaccination certificate for rabies is also needed for the transport of pets between the lower forty-eight states to Alaska/ from Alaska and between the state of Alaska.

d. Temperature-

Pets are not allowed to travel if the temperature is below 7.2 degrees celsius or above 29.4 degrees celsius. 

3. Cargo Pet Policy-

This policy is for small and domesticated pets such as household birds, fish, pot-bellied pigs, ferrets, and rabbits. Small dogs and cats of at least eight weeks and other pets after approval are allowed. 

Policies For This Category Are


A pet connect reservation is required and is accepted with a maximum of 35 days ahead of inline travel and a minimum of twenty-four hours before. If you are traveling internationally, then the reservation is required 2-7 days before. Pets are not allowed if travel is to/from Mexico. Check-in is to be done less than four hours before the flight.

b. Certificate Required-

A health certificate and vaccination certificate are required which have to be issued before ten days of travel. A passport is also needed for the pet if travel is international. The pets should be at least eight weeks old.

c. Kennel size And Requirement-

The kennel should be less than or equal to 53x48x34 (inches). Two animals can travel in the same kennel if they are of the same species and weigh less than 20 pounds each.


Now we have learnt “Alaska Airlines Pet Policy”, Alaska Airlines has different policies for different types of pets. It will not allow brachycephalic dogs or cats to travel. The airline takes care of your pets like their own during flight. The pets are allowed to travel under specific temperatures.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy -Know More About It

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