How Much Is Bakugan Worth?

Bakugan is a hybrid card game made in collaboration with Sega Toys and Spin Master. It is a card game mixed with miniature toys also known as Bakugan capsules. Players roll the capsules on a card with a magnet inside that pops it open into a character. The capsules are made to battle amongst themselves based on a unit called G power. Whoever has the most G power wins the round. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Is Bakugan Worth?’.

How Much Is Bakugan Worth?

How Much Is Bakugan Worth?

Bakugan was popular in many countries including the U.S., Canada, France, India, and Japan. So popular that it even got a 52-episode French-Japanese anime television series. Let’s read How Much Is Bakugan Worth.

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How to Play Bakugan?

First, you need to get three Bakugan capsules. From your collection of Bakugan capsules, you need to take out three capsules. Make sure to pick out the capsules with the highest G power and they are properly closed and in their ball shape.

Then you need to choose three gate cards for use in battle. Gate cards are of three types, Gold, Copper, and Silver. They have colored sides complimenting the Bakugan capsules. Afterward, choose three ability cards. They come in three colors; red, green, and blue. Blue adds G-power, red impacts your roll and green can have different functions.

Now, let’s play the game. Both players lay down their gate cards in the middle of the battle arena of their own choice. Then choose who goes first, either by age or by a coin toss. The first player rolls the Bakugan to the gate card. If the Bakugan stops on the card, it’ll pop open. If it misses the card, discard it. Then the second player does the same. If the Bakugan lands on the same gate card, a battle ensues, if not, the turn goes to the next player. 

When the battle is ensued as in, when the Bakugans are on the same card, flip the gate card and follow the instructions. If there are gate bonuses, add them to your G power. The bonuses are written in a colored circle. For example, if the red circle has a 100 bonus and your Bakugan is red, add that 100 to its G power. At this moment, you also have the ability card, you can use them. Ability can be used to increase the G power of your Bakugan or lower your opponent’s one. The player who has the higher G power wins and the gate card is awarded to them while the used Bakugans are set aside in the used pile.

After that, the game continues with the gate card that is still in the arena. Both of them roll an unused Bakugan to the gate card with the above-mentioned rules. When a player has won the second gate card, two more gate cards are to be placed on the battle arena and the same game continues until one player has three gate cards.

Some other rules include, if two Bakugan land on the same gate card, you can win the gate card.

How to get Bakugan set?

Now that we have learned about the game, let’s talk about buying Bakugans. The price of the capsules can range from as low as $0.50 to $300 depending on their rarity and the rates go up and down based on the market.

  • Random Figures – Random Bakugan figures can be sold in sets or individually on eBay and the price can be put by the seller. 
  • Sets – Sets officially released by Spins without the characters listed on the box can be sold from $0.50 to $3 per ball depending on the cards included.
  • Low-tier character – Low-tier characters with low G power or common rarity can sell from $1.50 to $10.
  • Mid-tier character – Mid-tier Bakugan characters with moderate G power or moderate rarity can range from $20 to $50.
  • High-tier character – High-tier Bakugan characters with high G power or high rarity can sell from $100 to $300.

These are officially or the community-accepted prices but the reseller can put whatever price they can. One of the highest-priced Bakugan was Gold Fear Ripper sold for $300. Another one is Darkus Alpha Hydranoid which is a limited edition and has a G-power of 500 sold for over $100.

Other factors set the price including:

  • Special editions or Limited Release: Some Bakugan are Japan-exclusive or sold in select stores. As they are limited, they become more valuable in the collector’s market.
  • Planned Obsolescence: This is equivalent to forced scarcity that the manufacturers employ to inflate the price in the market.
  • Condition – The condition also affects the price of a Bakugan. Wear and tear, and the functionality of the mechanism are included in the evaluation of its condition.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘How Much Is Bakugan Worth?’, So that’s all about Bakugan. If you’re hyped to play this game after watching the popular anime, grab a friend, buy some Bakugan and gate cards, and off you go to play some Bakugan.

How Much Is Bakugan Worth?

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