Amazon Part Finder- Find More About It

Amazon is an American MNC that started as an e-commerce venture but now provides various services like cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. The company is headed by Andy Jassy who replaced Jeff Bezos to become the company’s CEO. Amazon’s latest feature is built by technology it acquired from a startup called Partpic, a company that was bought by Amazon in 2016. The feature uses computer vision technology to identify products. Let’s learn about ‘Amazon Part Finder’.

Amazon Part Finder

Amazon Part Finder

Part finder is a service that lets users take a real-time picture of the product in need and then search for it on the website. It is useful to find the right replacement parts.This tool is limited to screws, nuts, bolts, and washers.Amazon claims that it is capable of identifying 100 types of fasteners. It lets you search for products without entering any text by simply scanning the product and matching it through its product catalog.

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Steps to use the feature: Amazon Part Finder

  1. Open the Amazon app and select the camera icon on the top right beside the search box.
  2. An option of “part finder” will be available at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The product one is trying to find should be kept on a white sheet (for a clear picture) and beside a penny which will help Amazon gauge the size of the item.
  4. It gives instructions on how to correctly tilt the phone to help in the identification process.
  5. Amazon will scan the part and show the results. 
  6. The screen that pops up might ask you for more details regarding the item to narrow down the results. 
  7. After this, select the “see Search Results” in the bottom-right corner to look at the outcome of the search. 
  8. The App will provide links through which the item can be purchased on Amazon.

Feature Availability: Amazon Part Finder

The feature’s addition to iOS was confirmed by TechCrunch and it is currently available on IOS. It made no official announcement for this feature and is yet to be launched on Android.

Your Garage 

It helps to view, manage and use the Car and Motorbike Parts Finder to find parts of the vehicles that have been saved. Multiple vehicles can be added to this section. Amazon. Amazon sellers sell tools, parts, and accessories on the Car and Motorbike Store. It is important to make sure that the user has properly reviewed the product before deciding to make a purchase. Reliable information is displayed on the product detail page.

Simple steps can be followed to get your desired vehicle or automobile:

  1. Search the product you are looking for.
  2. Go to the “filter” section, and select the brand of your choice. 
  3. Select the variant and model of the vehicle you want.
  4. Users can add up to 10 vehicles and save them in the garage to check the parts that fit. 

Find parts and accessories for your vehicle:

  1. Go to the Car and Motorbike section.
  2. Select one of your saved vehicles in the select another vehicle drop-down menu.
  3. Select find parts that fit the vehicle
  4. Browse the compatible parts for your vehicle.


Finding coins or a penny for the measuring process as well as a white sheet of paper may be a source of annoyance for some users. The camera might take a lot of time to focus on the object and click a good enough picture for identification. This might take several attempts. It might face difficulty in identifying smaller objects. It only measures the length and diameter of the object, other minor details have to be manually selected. It needs to improvise its service to make it a better alternative than dropping into hardware stores. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Amazon Part Finder’, People might find it more convenient to drop in at a supply store to get the items they are looking for. But, if you have an exact image and idea of the kind of item you are looking for and can easily find it on Amazon, then it will save you tons of effort and time to order it online. The technology needs a lot of work to be done as it is relatively new. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Que. Can this feature be used on Amazon’s Android app?

Ans. Unfortunately, Amazon has yet to launch this service for its Android users.

  • Que. Where are the headquarters of Amazon?

Ans. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.

  • Que. How can one measure screw size?

Ans. To get an estimate of the screw and bolt, the distance between the outer thread on one side to the outer thread on the other side is measured. 

  • Que. How to check the delivery status of an order?

Ans. The delivery status of an order can be tracked by clicking on the  “Your Order” section, and clicking on the “Track Package” option. You’ll be taken to the tracking page where you can check the status of your order.

Amazon Part Finder- Find More About It

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