What You Should Know About Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd is also known as JAL or Nikkō. This international airline is Japan’s flag carrier. It is the second-largest airline as of the year 2021. It has its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Let us know about “What You Should Know About Japan Airlines?”

What You Should Know About Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines Pet Policy 

 Looking to travel via Japan Airlines? If you are planning to travel with your little companion, you would want to make sure of their comfort and safety as much as possible. This article will look into Japan Airlines’ pet policy and other requirements they have for transporting your pets via air along with your person. 

If you intend to travel with your pet through this airline, they will have to go as cargo. Japan Airlines follows guidelines allotted by veterinarians to make sure that your pet has the most comfortable flying experience. 

Please make sure that your pet’s health will not be affected or take precautions for it before they are packed away for the flight. 

Pet’s Health 

There are a few things Japan Airlines have advised passengers to look out for while travelling with pets. Checking their health requirements is one of the most important aspects. Veterinary consultations may be also required to make sure that your pet is fit for flying. 

Things To Check: 

  • If your pet has a respiratory condition.
  • If your pet is unable to regulate body temperature well. 
  • Your pet has had previous flying experiences that caused them diarrhoea or loss of appetite.
  • Whether your pet is physiologically ill-suited for travel.
  • Your pet has a fear or anxiety of dark places. 

Pet Cargo Area Environment 

The cargo room controls the inside temperature and humidity through the air- conditioning. However, it may be that the outside air and heat can cause the temperature to rise more than a normal level.

Pets stay in shaded areas. Those areas are also air-conditioned. They stay there till the time of departure of the flight. Please note that temperature and humidity wholly depend on the season during transport, and loading and unloading.

Lighting/ Air Pressure 

The cargo room is air-conditioned, therefore the temperature and humidity are the same as in the passenger cabin. All lighting inside the cargo room is turned off during the timespan of the flight. The air pressure is set to 0.8 bar; changes in air pressure during takeoff and landing might lead to “airplane ear” or cause other reactions in your pet. 



It is best to be cautious of the outside temperature while travelling with your pet. 

  • Summer – In summer, Japan Airlines advises avoiding travelling with pets during the daytime. They advise special attention to be paid to puppies, elderly dogs and brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs as these breeds are sensitive to heat. 
  • Winter – Their guidelines say to exercise caution while flying in winter with pets who might be susceptible to the cold. 

Sounds/ Noises 

Your pet will be able to hear more noises than humans do during the flight. All sounds such as wind noise and mechanical noise will be heard by them during takeoff and landing. They can also hear the noises of other aircraft and ground vehicles. 


Please make sure to keep your pets supplied with enough food and water for the duration of the flight. No other provisions will be provided for them by any airline staff. 

Health/ Stress 

Air travel can affect your pet’s health in a lot of uncertain ways. Please be sure of your pet’s capacity before flying. 

To ease your pet, you may keep familiar items like a towel inside the crate. Certain items may be refused if they are felt to be a threat to your pet. It is advisable to arrive 120 minutes before the time of departure. This will allow your pet to adjust to environmental changes, which cannot be done abruptly. Japan domestic airports do have medical experts and veterinarians and pet hotels available for assistance, although they are not present in all airports. Keep documents like proof of vaccination in your reach at all times. 

Cargo Space Might Not Be Available 

Sometimes there may be no remaining cargo space and you may be asked to change to a different flight. 

Guidelines For Pet Travel 

You will need to make an advanced reservation for your pet crate to ensure that there is space available in the aircraft cargo compartment. The acceptable size of the crate may vary by aircraft type. It may take several days to receive a response for the Airlines. 

Animals Allowed For Transport

This is the list of animals allowed for travel: 

  • Dogs and cats who are a minimum of 8 weeks old. 
  • Pregnant pets are not allowed.
  • French bulldogs and bulldogs, in general, are not accepted. 
  • The pet must be in good health and have good behaviour. The pet must not have an odour. 

Pet Crate requirements 

You have to make sure to provide a crate for your pet that meets the following requirements:

  • Large enough for the animal to move around. 
  • Made out of materials like durable plastic, fibreglass, wood or any similar material.
  • Must be leakproof.
  • Must have proper ventilation.
  • Crates must be escape-proof.
  • Only one pet is allowed per crate.


  • Make sure to complete all paperwork required for pet travel before your flight. 
  • Prepare a letter of consent that allows for your pet to travel as baggage. You can check out the link on their website.
  • Your pet will be carried from the cargo compartment to the arrival lobby and delivered directly to you in the baggage claim area. 
  • You have to go to the quarantine station to complete your pet’s immigration procedures. 


Now we have learnt “What You Should Know About Japan Airlines?”, If you have needed any information regarding Japan Airlines’ pet policy, now you know what to proceed with. The airlines makes sure to give the best possible service to your furry friend so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet. You can now enjoy a safe flight with your little companion.

What You Should Know About Japan Airlines?

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