Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather? -Know More About It

UPS is an American shipping company formerly known as the American Messenger Company. UPS provides ground shipping service and has its stores namely UPS stores which access all the shipments and tools for businesses. In 2020, UPS has an annual revenue of about $85 billion and is currently one of the world’s biggest shipping companies. ‘UPS Worldport’ is UPS’s primary international hub and is the fifth most occupied airport in the world by cargo. UPS provides many services such as UPS Ground, UPS 3-Day Select, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air. Let us know about “Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather?”

Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather?

Do Ups Deliver Packages In Bad Weather?

Yes, Ups do deliver all the packages in bad weather. The company tries its best to be the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable in the shipping thus giving a tough competition to all its competitors. Some bad weather in which Ups delivers packages are thunderstorms, sleet, fog, snow, and hail ( light hail storms ). Ups drivers are given the training to deliver packages in bad weather and also to protect themselves from such weather conditions. One such training is ‘slip and fall’ in which drivers are taught how to manage to walk with stability on the ice.

Though Ups delivers products in the bad weather mentioned above, there are a few hazardous kinds of weather in which it stops shipping for the day as it can be harmful to the life of the delivery agent. Some of them are Tornado warnings, hurricane warnings, earthquakes, severe ice conditions, and blizzards.

How Does UPS Protect Packages In Bad Weather?

Being such a big company, it is not profitable for Ups to halt the deliveries in normal rain or snow for even a single day. For that wet or bad conditions, Ups follow some precautions-

  1.  Large Plastic bags ( similar to large garbage bags ) are provided to protect the packages from getting wet and damaging the inner material.
  2. During thunderstorms or excessive windy conditions, along with plastic bags, windbreakers are also provided to the delivery agents to not only protect the packages but to protect themselves also as the safety of individuals is also necessary and only then the goods can be secured.
  3. Almost all the Ups parcels are packed in rigid and sturdy cardboard boxes that protect the packages from getting damaged in stormy weather or during transport also.
  4. Ups drivers check whether the place where the package is to be delivered has a covered porch, if so, they find some other alternative to protect that package when kept outside the house and use that same package’s plastic bag for another package whose address has a much worse condition to give it more protection.
  5. In case, if the package got damaged due to bad weather conditions, Ups delivery agents will make sure to deliver it the next day with improvement.

How Does UPS Deal With Bad Weather?

Ups delivers almost 20 million packages in a day without delay or any damage to the package. In normal weather conditions, every shipping company delivers the parcel without delay but the problem arises when the weather gets worse. 

Following are the steps which Ups take in advance or during the problematic weather-


Ups keeps a team that checks the weather in advance for ten to fifteen days. By doing this, the company tries to meet the seasonal demand on time. If the forecasting shows the weather is bad for a day or more in any particular area, then the company reroutes the delivery. For example, if the weather forecast shows a snowstorm in Dallas, then the company will change its route to a normal weather area Denver (say). All the schedules and routes could get altered. The forecasting team checks the weather updates at least four times a day. This is to secure the packages and also to take care of the safety of delivery agents.

2. Halt Deliveries-

Nothing costs more than life. When the weather conditions are too hazardous ( examples are given earlier ), the company itself halts the deliveries for a few days until the conditions got normal for shipping. This is to protect the team members from getting stuck in any dangerous situation.

3. Updating Customers-

Ups has provided a barcode system for the customer through which they can track the location of the package and check its expected delivery time. It helps the customers to know if their packages are going to be delivered late due to bad weather conditions, so that if they have ordered something very important, then the customer could think of an alternative to that order. Also, the company lets customers know about the reduction in the acceptance of orders in bad weather.

Training Provided To Delivery Agents For Bad Weather-

Ups provide proper intense training to its delivery agents for bad weather conditions and spend about $200 million annually on the training sessions. Before joining Ups, employees have to complete the coursework and should get 85% or higher in the Integrad 

( program to teach drivers to secure driving and delivery tips) assessment. 

Following are some training sessions for the delivery agents- 

  1. The UPS drivers have to learn ‘five and 10’ driving rules which focus on the driving instructions to the drivers to avoid any hazards, especially during bad weather. Many people after learning this rule have found out that they have improved a lot in driving.
  1. The UPS delivery agents are taught to walk on ice without falling. They are provided tricks to walk by bending their knees and walking like penguins. This way they could save themselves and the packages in icy conditions.
  1. Surprisingly, not only physical stability but also mental stability is taught to the UPS delivery agents by practicing yoga and meditation before the shifts. It helps them to stay positive and think calmly in difficult situations.
  1. Ups agents are also taught how to safely load heavy packages up and down, on the curb, and to move through a gate.


UPS does deliver in bad weather but not in life-risking conditions such as earthquakes or floods. UPS delivery agents are provided proper training for the shipping of packages so that no package can get damaged or no individual has to face a perilous situation.

Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather? -Know More About It

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