Does UPS Drug Test Package Handlers? – What Are The Types?

UPS United Parcel Service is a shipping and logistics global company that is specialized in supply chain management, package delivery, and freight forwarding services to customers. As part of their commitment to maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace, UPS may require drug testing for their employees, including package handlers, drivers, and administrative staff. The specific […]

What Does In-Transit Mean At UPS?

When it comes to shipping packages with UPS, customers have come to rely on the company’s tracking system to stay informed about their packages’ progress. The tracking information provides real-time updates about the package’s status and location, giving customers peace of mind knowing that their package is safely making its way to its destination. Let us […]

Difference Between UPS And USPS

UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service) are the working bodies within one sector. The companies offer similar services but there are a few factors that distinguish them from each other. These companies offer delivery services across the United States of America. Let’s learn about ‘Difference Between UPS And USPS’. Difference Between […]

Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather? -Know More About It

UPS is an American shipping company formerly known as the American Messenger Company. UPS provides ground shipping service and has its stores namely UPS stores which access all the shipments and tools for businesses. In 2020, UPS has an annual revenue of about $85 billion and is currently one of the world’s biggest shipping companies. […]

How To Deal With UPS Customs Formalities?

Customs & international guidelines are mandatory when dealing with global shipment deals. If not done correctly, they can become a headache for the partners in shipping & delivery. The general rules and customs regulations will vary according to the provisions of multiple countries. This article explores how to deal efficiently with the United Parcel Services […]

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