Does UPS Deliver In Bad Weather? -Know More About It

UPS is an American shipping company formerly known as the American Messenger Company. UPS provides ground shipping service and has its stores namely UPS stores which access all the shipments and tools for businesses. In 2020, UPS has an annual revenue of about $85 billion and is currently one of the world’s biggest shipping companies. […]

How To Deal With UPS Customs Formalities?

Customs & international guidelines are mandatory when dealing with global shipment deals. If not done correctly, they can become a headache for the partners in shipping & delivery. The general rules and customs regulations will vary according to the provisions of multiple countries. This article explores how to deal efficiently with the United Parcel Services […]

What do I do if the UPS tracking number does not work?

The United Parcel Service ( UPS, often styled as ups) is a tried and tested package delivery company that is more than a century old. Beginning with telegraph deliveries, ups is now the biggest logistics company in the world by revenue. You will find answers to the following troubles What to do if the ups […]

Does UPS Take Passport Photos?- Know More About It

UPS i.e., United Postal Service was formed in 1907 as an American international logistics and supply-chain company. UPS is the world’s most profitable courier corporation, with annual revenues of roughly US$85 bn in 2020, well ahead of rivals DHL and FedEx. Today, UPS is most recognized for its global shipping services and the UPS Stores, […]

United Parcel Service Money Order Policy

United Parcel Service (UPS) has a stringent policy regarding accepting money orders. You’ll most likely be declined if you try to send a money order through the UPS system. This is because money orders are not typically accepted as payment. If you get approved, be aware that the delivery fee will probably be higher than […]

UPS Collect On Delivery -Know More

United Parcel Service is an American delivery company that delivers Worldwide. It was founded in 1907 as a multinational shipping and receiving and supply chain management company.  Its Headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia and the United States. UPS, ahead of competitors DHL and Bluedart, is the world’s largest courier company by revenue, with annual […]

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