Grubhub Driver Not Moving – Know More

Over the past years, the industry of food delivery has become famous. The option of delivery is now offered by many industries. In their day-to-day life, this delivery service faces a lot of challenges. The challenge the delivery service faces is to deliver the food when the food is still hot, deliver food in stormy weather and deliver that food that is perishable. If you are a customer of Grubhub and you want your food to be delivered fast and fresh, sometimes this doesn’t happen. In this article, you will get all the reasons why the Grubhub driver is not moving.

Grubhub Driver Not Moving

5 reasons why Grubhub driver is not moving?

To receive the orders in time is the right of every customer of Grubhub. Customers get annoyed to find out why the driver of Grubhub is not moving.

The 5 reasons why the Grubhub driver is not moving are as follows:

Receiving an order late:

The drivers of Grubhub sometimes receive an order late. Sometimes preparing a large order takes a long time. This is one of the reasons that your Grubhub driver is not moving.

Stormy weather:

The stormy weather is one of the reasons why your Grubhub driver is not moving. Fast deliveries are always a priority for Grubhub. The stormy weather results in the shut-down of some roads and this prevents the driver of Grubhub from moving.

Huge traffic:

A city rarely has no huge traffic nowadays. The construction of roads, roadblocks, and road accidents prevents the driver of Grubhub from moving.The huge traffic is one of the reasons for which the drivers of Grubhub deliver the orders of the customers late.

Breakdowns of Vehicles:

The breakdown of Vehicles is one of the main reasons which results in delivering the orders late. During deliveries, the breakdown of vehicles occurs.This is one of the reasons why the driver of Grubhub is not moving.

Using multiple Apps:

Multiple apps for food delivery are used by the drivers of Grubhub. When the driver of Grubhub uses multiple apps at ago, the problem arises. 

For example:

When the orders are taken by the drivers of Grubhub, the orders are delivered late because the drivers of Grubhub cannot deliver the orders at ago as they leave in different towns.

What to do when the driver of Grubhub does not deliver your order?

You can call customer care and ask for a refund if the driver of Grubhub doesn’t deliver your order. The customer care number is as follows:


Delivering the food on time is the main aim of the company Grubhub. It is quite difficult to reach the representatives of the company in such a short time. They will start working on your complaint if they get your complaint.

How does Grubhub give orders to the drivers?

Grubhub can give orders to the drivers from their app. The drivers of Grubhub have to sign up in their mobile app and Grubhub will start giving orders to the drivers.In the app, the company Grubhub can see those drivers who are available and the drivers can see the orders. Grubhub guides the driver with directions to the restaurants if the driver accepts the order.If the driver is unable to find the direction to the restaurant, the restaurant provides the driver with sufficient information about the restaurant.

How can you contact the delivery driver of Grubhub?

Through the app of Grubhub drivers, on Grubhub you can text your driver. Grubhub uses a system of two-way covering. This system does not allow access to your and the Grubhub driver’s phone number. If you want to track your order you can download the app from Grubhub. By downloading the app of Grubhub you can know in how much time your order will be delivered to you.

Three steps if the driver of Grubhub is not moving:

If the driver of Grubhub is not moving and if your order is not delivered yet, you have to take these three steps to follow your order.

The three steps if the driver of Grubhub is not moving are as follows:

  1. Have a look if your order was successful or not:

You have to check while placing your order whether you have confirmed your order or not.If you have placed an order, Grubhub will send you a confirmation email which means that your order is confirmed.

  1. Contact the restaurant:

You can contact the restaurant if you are receiving your order late. If you click on your order, you will get the contact number of the restaurant. You can call them and ask them why there is a delay in receiving your order.

  1. Contact the customer care of Grubhub:

You can contact the customer care of Grubhub if you are facing a delay in receiving your order. You can contact Grubhub on:

  1. Instagram.
  2. Facebook.
  3. Twitter.


The main aim of Grubhub is to provide fast delivery to the customers. Grubhub gives a facility of excellent earning to the drivers. To see if your order was successful or not, you should check your email to see whether you got the confirmation email from Grubhub or not. The app of delivery motivates the drivers to take orders.


  1. Are drivers penalized by Grubhub?

Ans: Yes, drivers are penalized by Grubhub.

  1. Who gives more money to you DoorDash or Grubhub?

Ans: DoorDash gives you more money than Grubhub.

Grubhub Driver Not Moving – Know More

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