Does Uber Eats Take Cash? – Know More!


Uber Eats is a food ordering platform that was launched by its parent company, Uber, in August 2014, which was 7 years ago. Uber eats was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. It set up its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. It enables its customers to order food online and does the delivery accordingly. UberEats provides its customers to read the menu, add customer reviews, read reviews, see ratings, order food, and a secure payment method. It is available on all platforms like iOS, Android, and websites. It operates worldwide, with more than 6,000 cities. The payment method was done through credit cards, but it has changed to different payment methods. Uber Eats now accepts cash. The food delivery is done by scooters, bikes, cars, or on foot. Let us know does Uber Eats take cash and the different payment options for paying Uber Eats in this article.

Does Uber Eats Take Cash?

Does Uber Eats take cash?

Uber Eats in America does not take cash.There are different payment options for paying Uber Eats. Handling Cash payments is difficult because it is time-consuming and the exchange of changes can be difficult sometimes.

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UberEats Payment Options

Uber Eats accepts almost all types of payment methods. It varies from credit card to cash. The customer can choose the payment option. Each payment option delivers different benefits. The payment options are cash, card, PayPal, Venmo, Uber gift Card, and UberCash.


Uber Eats did not accept cash initially. It received cash for the first time or enabled cash payments in Mumbai in 2017. This made the cash payment popular in other cities and it was spread worldwide. But this method was not accepted by the United States. The United States does not accept cash payments.


Uber Eats promoted and still promotes payment using cards, credit cards in specific. It makes the transaction less complicated. Credit card payments are straightforward without wasting the time. If the customer has rewards in American Express or the customers who have “chase ultimate” rewards, then the customer can use this for the transaction. A few cards like the American Express offer extra rewards if it pays Uber Eats. Providing extra rewards makes it more attractive to the customers and promotes credit card payments.


PayPal is one of the most famous options when it comes to online payments. It provides all sorts of transactions. It provides a safe and secure payment and makes it easy for customers to pay easily. Payments through PayPal are a commonly used way to pay Uber Eats in the United States and Canada, but payment through PayPal is not available in all countries.


Venmo is another popular payment app available. It is commonly used by customers to pay for Uber Eats. The only limitation is that it is only available in the United States. Uber Eats provides an option to add the customer’s Venmo account to the UberEats app. 

Uber Gift Card

UberEats provides an Uber Gift card. This can be used for the payment for both uber eats and uber rides.

Uber Cash

Uber Cash is a payment option provided by Uber Eats for its customers. It is fr better than just regular coupons. It allows the payment directly through the app. It is also available for both uber eats and uber rides. It comes with rewards as well.

Uber Eat Drivers tips in Cash

The drivers of UberEats get 100% tips. So, the customer can give tips to the driver, if they are convinced with their work. The money customers give to the drivers stays with them. Tips can be given by cash or through an app, the main thing is that the driver gets the 100% of the time. It will not get split. The app prompts an option for tipping the driver and the tip can be given when the driver delivers the food. 


UberEats is one of the most popular food delivery services that are available worldwide. It enables its customers to order food and drinks from different restaurants. The order can be done using the Ubereats app or website. The payment can be done using different methods like cards, cash, PayPal, and lots more. Its Parent company is Uber and it was launched in 2014 as UberFRESH but later it changed to UberEats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where Can the customer Pay in Cash for Uber Eats?

Paying using cash is only accepted only in a few areas. Cash payment is not accepted worldwide. Cash payments are available in countries like Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and South Africa. In the United States, payment by cash is not an option.

2.Can the customer pay using cash for Uber Eats?

Payment through cash is normal in some countries. If the customer is from one of these countries that accept cash, then payment by cash must be tried. The process is simple. It is because the customer has to pay when the order arrives. 

Does Uber Eats Take Cash? – Know More!

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