How To Return Amazon Items?

Amazon lights up in our minds when we think of e-shopping. You can shop for different categories of products on Amazon. Table a wide range of products to its customers, including clothing, groceries, books, and so on. The process of returning the items is simple and easy as well if you don’t like the items you bought. Let us see how to return Amazon Items.

How To Return Amazon Items?

Open your Amazon account and visit the returns section. You can open an Amazon account on your PC and even on your mobile app. To return the items, proceed with the steps given below.

How to make a return?

  1. Once logged in to the account, go to “Your Orders.”
  2. Choose the item you want to return or replace, then choose a reason for the return.

For orders that are fulfilled by sellers, you need to contact the seller to initiate the return.

  1. Navigate to “Your orders” and select the item you wish to return.
  2. Click on the option “contact seller”. You will be directed to the seller’s managing assistant.”
  3. Select the applicable options to start a conversation.
  4. Finally, go to “Your Orders” to initiate the return.

Amazon’s return policy

  • Only Amazon-filled orders and applicable products with eligible advertisements are returnable. Numerous Amazon products are listed, reused, and made available with the backing of outside parties.
  • Eligible products are returnable within the return window if only the products you have received are damaged, different from those shown on the website, defective, or if any parts are missing.
  • Items purchased by international customers are not returnable, but they may appeal for refunds.
  • It must be returned with all the necessary documents, authentication instruments, and fresh documents.
  • It must take place in the 30-day window. Items are eligible for returns only if brought back within the next 30 days.
  • Refunds will be processed back either to your account or to your Amazon wallet. 

How to return an Amazon gift?

To return a gift from Amazon, visit the Gift Return option. 

  1. A SignUp window will pop up. You just need to sign in to your account.
  2. Enter the order number of the gift you want to return. An order number is a 17-digit number in the format of 453-2365903-639103.
  3. All your orders will be reflected in your account. Select the item you want to return. Choose a return reason from the listed reasons and press on to continue. You can get a replacement only for those items that are eligible for replacement after verification is completed.
  4. A choice of return mode will be displayed, and a return confirmation with instructions will be displayed. A refund would be instituted immediately if the item is received by Amazon. It takes up to 5–10 days for the refund process to get started.

How to return an Amazon gift card?

Gift cards, once obtained, can be redeemed or cancelled subject to some restrictions. 

Return Guidelines

These are some of the guidelines to follow when using the Pick-Up or Self-Ship options to return applicable items to Amazon. Return pick-up is available for all registered addresses, and in cases where pick-up is not available, then self-pickup will automatically be selected. You will get your refund using your original payment process and according to the Amazon refund policy.

Return Pick Up: For a successful return pick-up, the product must be returned in its original status with the MRP tag attached, warranty card, receipts, etc.


you can return the items to Amazon through any courier with tracking facilities. But you need to have in your ownership any return documents like-

  1. The copy of the invoice generated needs to be placed inside the package carefully.
  2. A declaration is also needed to be pasted on the package with item details, return reasons, etc.
  3. A return label with the Amazon barcode will also be pasted on the return package.
  4. You will get a refund of the shipping charges from Amazon once they receive the product.

Amazon has made its return policy very clear and transparent. Returning Amazon products, whether they were bought or signed as a gift, is very easy and fair. But to return anything, you must meet some restrictions, such as it must be available through Amazon, or it must be in its earliest stage to be recovered within 30 days, etc. You can also do it through the Amazon app. Returns are initiated either through pick-up or through a self-pickup. But keep your documents in hand and preserve them safely so that you can return the products without any cause for concern. A refund is initiated immediately after Amazon receives the products. To continue shopping at Amazon without any fear.

  1. What’s returnable?

Answer: You can also demand returns for as many items as you like from the list on Amazon. Only items that are quoted as returnable on the product element webpage and/or in our policy and within the return window period are allowed to be returned. You may return particulars if you bought them with one of the following conditions: they don’t match their description; physical damage; missing factors; or disfigurement.

2. Can we return a product after we have opened it?

Answer: Yes, you can return a product after it’s opened, but you need to have your receipts in hand.

3. Can I change a product from the global store?

The General Returns Coverage is applicable, as you stated, for all international orders. Save on Amazon products. Products that qualify may be returned by self-return or pick-up courier. We only give self-return for particulars going further than Rs. 25000.

How To Return Amazon Items?

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