Kodi Smb Operation Not Working

Kodi is accessible for many different operating systems and hardware platforms. Windows employs the client-server protocol Message Block Server (SMB), also known as Windows File Sharing, to share resources on a local area network. SMB is a feature that comes with every Windows PC and is simple for a home user to set up. SMB’s adaptability makes it the greatest network protocol. Any operating system can access it to stream content to any network storage area network (NAS) or other distant external hardware. Lets see why Kodi Smb Operation Not Working?

Kodi Smb Operation Not Working

Kodi Smb Operation Not Working?

Anyone who owns a large collection of movies, TV shows, photos, or music is aware of how difficult it can be to keep track of everything. They often use Kodi, an open-source solution for this management, for this reason. But Kodi users usually lament that Kodi SMB operation is not a permitted problem. We are providing the solutions to this error’s troubleshooting in this article.

How can I use SMB to access local files on Kodi?

SMB v1 was eliminated by Windows because it posed security problems. The IP address or device name along with the path was the sole way to gain access to shares. The WS-Discovery protocol was introduced in Kodi version 19.1 to allow SMB shares to once again be viewed (a multicast delivery protocol for accessing files on a local network). The steps to access these files are;

  1. Select File manager under Settings. 
  2. Choose Source Search 
  3. Choose Browse for new shares 
  4. Select Windows Network from the available options 
  5. Go back to the path of the source folder and pick it
  6. To add the folder to Kodi, click OK.

Why Kodi SMB Operation is Not Permitted

The Type of SMB

If you’re unaware, Windows uses the client-server protocol popularly known as SMB to share various information across the network. It can easily be accessed on Windows operating systems and is simple to set up. It can, however, be used with a variety of operating systems. If you are using SMB V1, there is a probability that the issue will occur. Users must adopt the use of SMB V2 or higher for proper operation to resolve the issue. 

We’ve already established that SMB V2 or later is required for users to utilize Kodi. However, it necessitates that users have a password-protected account. 


VPNs are frequently used by people to offer safety from outside elements like cyber dangers. However, using a VPN will limit performance when using SMB with Kodi. If you have the VPN on for this purpose, you must turn it off. Furthermore, Kodi doesn’t require the use of a VPN either. Users must disable their firewall or other security software in addition to their VPN because these programs can impede performance.

Streaming of media 

The media streaming parameters need to be adjusted if the problem still occurs. Simply said, enabling media streaming will fix the SMB operation not permitted error. If you are unsure of how to activate media streaming, we have provided instructions

Sharing Password Protection

Kodi doesn’t require password protection to function properly. 

How To Fix Kodi SMB Operation Not Working

Ensure that you are using SMBv2 or later before you start debugging. These techniques can assist you in resolving the Kodi 19 SMB error. 

  1. Launch Kodi and select Settings on your machine.
  2. Go to Services.
  3. Choose the SMB client from the left pane. Check to determine if the Expert settings are enabled if the SMB client option isn’t visible in the left pane. 
  4. If the minimum version of the protocol is currently set to None or Other in the SMB client, change it to SMB v1. 
  5. Verify and update the maximum protocol version to SMB v3. While SMBv1 is recommended for usage with Kodi, some users believe it to be less safe than SMBv3. 
  6. Return to the library to adjust the sharing path. 
  7. Choose a media type and access files.
  8. Click and hold to choose Edit source if there is already a route in the chosen media type. If not, choose the Add (media type) option. 
  9. Click Browse in the Add window (media source) 
  10. Pick an action if you’ve added any to Kodi. If not, click Add network location. 
  11. To add a share using your IP address or device name, repeat the previous steps. Use login credentials that are identical to those on your computer.

In Conclusion

Recently, Kodi has had a pressing issue with SMB not functioning, especially after Kodi 19 was released. SMB worked flawlessly with Kodi 18; however, many Kodi 19 users experienced trouble sharing folders with Kodi. You should be able to resolve this pressing issue using the troubleshooting technique described above. Contact Kodi Support if necessary. If this technique worked for you, please let us know in the comments area below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is SMB user id?

It’s the windows username of the person that will be the SMB ID

Question 2

What port do SMB use?

It uses port 139 or 445

Kodi Smb Operation Not Working

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