Checking the status of refund on the IRS app

Tax refunds are very common, where the government is liable for paying the individual any excess income taxes they have paid. This is facilitated by the IRS, and now via a digital platform, the process has been made more seamless.  Here we will see about Checking the status of refund on the IRS app

Tax returns and checking their status have now been made a hassle-free process. For checking the status of your tax refund, navigate to the IRS App, called IRS2Go, specifically with the feature “Where’s My Refund”. By filling out certain credentials like the social security number, one can easily have access to the status of their tax refund and how long it would take. You will be able to check the status after 24 hours of applying for the tax refund. This will happen in three stages; refund received, approved, and sent.

Before delving into the details, it is important to know what the eligibility criteria are for getting a tax refund.


  • Three years is given by the authority for the individual to file a tax return, after which, the money is owned by the government.
  • If tax money was paid in excess in any form.
  • If tax money has been withheld via social security for the elderly. 
  • Refund in context to child tax.
Checking the status of refund on the Iris app

Checking the status of the tax refund on IRS app

Checking the tax refund status is easy and can be done by the following steps:

  1. Go to IRSGo2 App, or via a computer using the “Where’s My Refund” update by the IRS.
  1. Click on the “Get Refund Status” option at the top.
  1. You will be asked to provide the following details for logging into the App:
  • Social security or taxpayer information (it is a number)
  • Status of your filing that includes whether you are single, married, widowed, etc. 
  • The figure for your exact refund
  1. Click the “submit” option at the bottom of the page after filling out the information.

After successfully submitting, the IRS App will show the following options under the “Check Status” bar, which hints toward your current refund status.

Return Received

This means that the IRS has successfully received the refund application and will process it.

Refund Approved

This means that your application has been approved via backends, and now you will be shown the approximate date at the bottom of when you will get your refund.

Approval usually takes 3 weeks after the application.

Refund Sent

The status will show the exact date when the IRS sent the refund. This means that from their end, it has been sent for a deposit to your bank, or via check.

Timeline of refunds

The entire process from submitting the tax refund to receiving it can take some time.

  • The refunds are sent after 21 days to the filer
  • Status can be checked after 24 hours on the IRSGo2 App

However, for certain filers it may take longer than 21 days under the following circumstances:

  • The filing has been done via paper rather than on the App
  • Corrections need to be made for the rebates credit
  • Corrections need to be made for child tax
  • The application did not have complete and accurate information about the filer
  • If the income records from 2019 are used for filing, that may take some time 
  • The filer’s case has been complicated by any sort of fraud or illegal activity
  • The filing includes the form about the incapacitated spouse
  • The tax funds for non-citizens need to be processed 

When to contact IRS service representatives 

  • If the 21 days waiting period is over and you still have not received your refunds 
  • This information can easily be checked on the App under the “refund sent” tab
  • In the case of filing via mail, it has been more than 6 months since you filed

Make the process faster

From the individual’s end, who is filing for the tax refunds, the most seamless method would be to e-file and opt for a direct deposit.

For e-filing, you need:

  • Routing number
  • Accounting number
  • Choosing the “e-file” option as the mode of your refund
  • Making sure you are choosing the direct account deposit.
  • Communicate the details of direct deposit with your tax preparer

IRS has completed the refund process of 143 million filers as of 2022. This year the whole process of tax refunds has been slower than the previous years because of the COVID pandemic in 2019. It caused layoffs, tighter budgets, and overall uncertainty. However, the refunds have been restored and are still going on for the current year.

  1. When does one file for the tax refunds?

The best time to file for tax refunds is the fifteenth day after the end of your fiscal year.

  1. Under what circumstances will my refund amount be lesser?

The refund amount will be lesser if you are liable for paying child support or student loans.

Checking the status of refund on the IRS app

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