Menards Rebate- Know More About It

For online and in-store purchases Menards provides a rebate of 11%. To save your money, Menards provides you with the greatest options. With multiple rebates, you can save a huge amount of money as long as you want. In a year, Rebates can come to hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the website of Rebate, you can see every product with a rebate. 

Menards Rebate

The Definition Of Menards Rebate:

Every week, Menards conduct a sales rebate of 11%. In this sales rebate, for every item, every customer gets a cashback of 11%. Every month the event of an 11% rebate is not announced. The event of an 11% rebate was conducted for a week. Eligible items are displayed in advertisements that happen weekly. This event happens weekly because people can get the purchasing price for a rebate. You can get multiple details from the weekly advertisement. 

The details are as follows:

  1. Details about the dates of the rebate.
  1. Details about what amount you have to give in-store.
  1. Details about multiple items which you will buy.

What are the seven items that are not qualified for a rebate?

Menards does not permit the seven items to qualify for a rebate. The seven items that are not qualified for a rebate are as follows:

  1. The items of gift cards.
  1. The items of propane purchases.
  1. The items of event tickets.
  1. The items of KeyMe purchases.
  1. Charges of handling and delivery on all the items which are taken in rent.
  1. Agreements of extended service.
  1. Charges of packaging and the fees of processing.

Eligibility criteria for the rebate of Menards:

The eligibility criteria for the rebate of Menards are as follows:

  1. At Menards, you have to buy an item of rebate to be eligible for the rebate program of the rebate.
  1. On the items of non-rebate, you have to spend $10. 
  1. For the items of the rebate, you have to pay the total price.

Four processes to submit the rebate of Menards:

The process of submitting the rebate to Menards is difficult but this process will help you to submit your rebate.

The four processes to submit the rebate to Menards are as follows:

  1. Fill out the form for Rebate: 
  • From the cashier, when you purchase a passing item, a form will be provided to you. 
  • In the online method, print out the form of a rebate.
  • You have to fill in the required information that the form has provided to you:
  • Your first name.
  • Your last name.
  • Your address.
  • Your Email address.

Your email id is required because all the crucial information about the rebate will be provided by Menards to your email-id.

  1. If it is applicable, include the receipts of the Rebate and UPC: 
  • When you purchase an item, you will receive a receipt, and that receipt you have to give in the form of a rebate.
  • The receipt of the rebate will be provided in your mail if you have bought the item online.
  • Don’t submit the xerox copy of the receipt, submit the original copy of the receipt.
  • If you lose your receipt for the rebate, you can get a second copy of your receipt.
  • In the case of UPC, some items need proof which has to be included in the UPC form.
  • On your product, there is packaging in which you will find the UPC.
  • If you forgot to add all the required information, you will not get the MCC.
  1. Mail your Rebate:

After completing the form, you will have to mail your rebate. 

You have to mail the rebate to PO Box 155

Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155.

Within time, you have to submit your rebate. 

  1. Tracking your rebate of Menards:
  • Visiting the website of Menards, track your rebate.
  • If you track the rebate, you will get to know whether your rebate is accepted or not.
  • If you want to know whether your rebate is accepted or not, you can also send a mail to:

PO Box 99

Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

  • Finally, you will get the paper rebate from Menards.


At Menards, you can save a large amount of money because they provide low prices to the customers. The rebates can only be used on the items of Menards. The rebates don’t expire.If you don’t like rebates, there are multiple ways to save your money.

  1. Can a rebate be submitted online mode?

Ans: No, a rebate cannot be submitted through online mode.

  1. What happens if you submit a rebate late?

Ans: If you submit a rebate late, there is less chance of whether your Rebate is accepted or not.

  1. How much time does Menards take to give the receipt?

Ans: Menards take 6 to 8 weeks to deliver the receipt.

  1. Do the employees of Menards get discounts?

Ans: Yes, the employees of Menards get discounts.

 Menards Rebate- Know More About It

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