Travis County State Jail- Know More

The Jail has always been known as one of the most dreaded, gloomy, and lonesome places on the planet. However, this may not be true for the Travis County state facility that transforms the jail’s environment. This may be due to the various facilities, services, opportunities, and behavior correction therapies offered at this state jail unlike the rest of them. The contact and touch between the inmates present at the Travis County State Jail and the rest of the world aren’t completely cut off either. The vast opportunities that these inmates get to correct themselves and keep in touch with their near and dear ones are commendable. The Travis County State Jail is a facility for behavior rectification located in Austin, Texas. Known for its free atmosphere and less stringent rules and regulations, it is one of the finest jails in the city. Most of the inmates present in this jail are known to have committed less serious crimes, hence they end up staying in this jail for not more than 2 years. This jail has a very large housing capacity. The inmates can contact their relatives regularly and are allowed certain activities. They also benefit from the scarce security system that compels them to feel more at home than at a facility.

Travis County State Jail

Opportunities available at the jail

They also are given various opportunities to do tasks and jobs that will help them become more suitable for it in the future. The Travis County State Jail not only houses adults who have been sentenced to imprisonment but also juveniles who have been caught doing blunders of varying degrees. Hence, for juveniles, it is a better opportunity to mold their personality and character. They get to put their talents at play so that they become good at these tasks. They are also required to do all the chores of the jail including laundry cleaning, gardening, cooking sometimes, and other work. The Travis County State Jail is huge and spread over around 100 acres of land which makes the place look supreme. 

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Employees at the Travis County State Jail-

This is a good source of income for the uneducated class around the vicinity of this jail. People can work here as a daily job for the maintenance and cleanliness of the jail. Around 230 people are currently earning a livelihood by working at this facility. 

Ways to reach out to the inmates at this County State Jail-

There are many ways by which one can contact and reach out to any of the inmates that are currently sentenced at the Travis County State Jail. There is a fixed email id that can be used by anyone to get in touch with any of the inmates. All the mail that will be received at the facility will then be scrutinised and checked before it is transferred to the inmate in person. The mail shouldn’t contain any information or inappropriate content. Certain things can be sent to the inmates directly without any intervention from the officials inside. These are books, magazines, subscriptions etc that are sent without any hindrance. 

Visitation and call lists for the inmates-

Only the inmates can alter, add, or delete any contacts, names, or numbers to their existing lists. Each inmate has their own caller’s list, visitor’s list, call logs etc. After the inmate’s permission, the list can be altered and appropriate changes can be made to it. However, with the calling facility comes a disadvantage. There will be no incoming calls that will be entertained. All the calls that can be made have to be arranged beforehand according to the timings. 

Sending kind or cash to the inmates- 

There is a facility through which the inmates can donate money or cash can be transferred either online or in hand. The most common way to send money is through Jpay. There is an available online service as well for this purpose. Each inmate gets an online account for themselves when they are admitted into the prison. Hence, this is the only account that they can use and is in full function. 


The Travis County State Jail is therefore a very calm facility to be in and improve oneself. It gives the inmates a feeling of home, a sense of responsibility, and a less stringent way of life. The ones who have been sentenced here have for sure taken this place as if life has given them a second chance to start over afresh.


Q) What are the visiting timings at the Travis County State Jail?

A) Visitors are welcomed at the Travis County State Jail. Each inmate has a book that contains all his allowed visitor lists. Those visitors can come only once each weekend for a 2-hour slot. Hence, they can visit anytime between 7 am and 5 pm. 

Q) How can a particular inmate be found or located in the Travis County State Jail? 

A) There is an online website that is functioning to locate a particular inmate in the Travis County State Jail. This can be used for finding the person you are looking for. If this doesn’t work out, you can contact the helpline number of the facility as well. 

 Travis County State Jail- Know More

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