What Is Amazon Digital? -Know More About It

Amazon, being a ubiquitous company, is commonly known for being an online shopping platform but nowadays this brand has been bringing more to the table. Let us know about “What Is Amazon Digital?”

What Is Amazon Digital?

‘More’ in the sense of movies, books, video games, and other digital content all through a program known as Amazon Digital.

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This article aims at educating about everything there is to know about Amazon Digital.

Amazon Digital is an electronic-commerce, US-based, conglomerate of Amazon that offers a wide range of subscription-based services.

Simply put, it refers to the various services Amazon offers through an e-commerce company it owns.

These services, offered, cover the areas of e-commerce, (digital) streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence(AI) and they include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Audible
  • Amazon Kids+
  • Amazon Drive
  • Software Subscription

Amazon has made these services easily accessible and more affordable by making them subscription-based, hence, allowing their customers to choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions depending on their needs.

Although these services have their individual and distinct prices, an Amazon Prime member can get them at a lower price.

These services can also be easily managed through the Amazon website as long as you have a device connected to the internet plus you don’t have to worry about damages as they can be streamed hence the name ‘digital’.

Amazon Prime Video

This service offers movies and shows and is part of the Amazon Prime subscription. You can also get Prime Video alone if you’re not an Amazon Prime member for a couple more dollars.

Although it’s rumored that Prime Video is lacking when compared to Netflix and Hulu, it offers both original content and popular favorites like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Wheel of Time, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan among others.

Prime Video, unlike other streaming platforms, allows the rent and purchase of content that isn’t free for a small fee. 

Users can subscribe to and watch various channels from this platform such as:

  • Boomerang
  • Discovery+
  • MLB and NBA TV
  • Paramount+
  • PBS Kids and many more

Recently it has been noticed that HBO Max doesn’t follow this package and has to be subscribed to separately.

Prime Video costs $8·99 per month for non-Prime members.

Kindle Unlimited

While radio and TV are slowly dominating, people still do read and Amazon considered this when they introduced the Kindle Unlimited which allows users to choose from a variety of books ranging from audiobooks to e-books to magazines.

Offering millions of books and ebooks, Kindle Unlimited is categorized into the following:

  • Unlimited Reading
  • Unlimited Listening
  • Magazines subscriptions
  • Great on Kindle eBooks

The Kindle Unlimited subscription goes for $9.99 per month

Amazon Music Unlimited

Whether you are a music video or podcast person, you can also gain from Amazon digital services through Music Unlimited. 

 This service allows you to select from over 75 million songs for a monthly charge of $7.99 and $9.99 for Prime and non-Prime members respectively.

You can also ease your music listening by using the Amazon Alexa home assistant that responds to your voice commands.

Amazon Audible

Specifically for audiobooks, this service allows users to listen to books ranging from bestsellers to classics and everything in between.

 It also offers other audio materials like podcasts.

Amazon Audible is free for Amazon Prime members but has a tiered subscription plan which starts from $4.95 per month.

Amazon Kids+

The kids aren’t left out in the Amazon digital service. 

Amazon Kids+ is a platform specifically designed for kids providing tons of books, movies, educational apps, and games.

 With this, you don’t have to worry about your kids listening or watching inappropriate content.

This service costs only $2.99 per month.

Amazon Drive

Similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, Amazon Drive is a cloud-based platform that allows users to save their files.

This service gives new users free 5GB to store their files, images, and videos. The customers can now decide if they’ll need more space or if they’re satisfied with what they have. 

For extra storage, users are required to subscribe. The cost of the storage depends on how much space he or she needs.

Note that once your subscription has ended, you no longer have access to your content in the drive so it’s advised to back up all content and transfer to another storage platform before ending your subscription.

Software Subscription

Amazon also provides a software subscription service that allows users to search and pay for software that they need for a long time.

You can manage all your software products simultaneously with the Software Library and make payments with a single subscription.

The loved part of this digital service is that it grants you free access and trials to popular software while still getting its updates and features.

Some of these software subscriptions are:

  • Microsoft 365 personal and family
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Norton 360 and more

This service costs about $12.99 monthly with taxes included.


Amazon Digital is a convenient and affordable digital platform, so whether you’re a movie fan, bookworm, music lover, audiobook listener, parent, writer, or businessperson there’s something great Amazon has to offer to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. How much is the cost of Amazon Digital?

Although the various services have their prices, Amazon Digital can cost about $12.99 monthly to $119 yearly

  1. Can I cancel an Amazon order?

Yes, you can but only before it’s shipped.

  1. How can I cancel Amazon Digital services?

To do this:

  • Visit ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’
  • Choose the subscription plan you wish to cancel
  • When you’re done click on ‘Confirm’.
What Is Amazon Digital? -Know More About It

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