How Do Leprechauns Earn Their Gold? -Know More

While some claim that they bring good luck, others suggest that they are trickers who ‘reward’ greedy people. One thing that is agreed from all ends is that they are closely associated and do love themselves a pot of gold. Let us know about “How Do Leprechauns Earn Their Gold?”

How Do Leprechauns Earn Their Gold?

Leprechauns are creatures that are visualized in culture as short bearded men, completely dressed in green wearing black buckled shoes, a pair of visible long (white) socks, and protecting their pots of gold.

These creatures are known to be wealthy and hoard it and this brings about the question:

How Do Leprechauns Earn Their Gold?

This article will be going through Leprechauns and how they earn their gold.

How Leprechauns earn their gold

There are various takes on how leprechauns earn their gold and they include:


Leprechauns can be directly traced to the eighth century and according to specific experts, the name ‘Leprechaun’ is said to be derived from the Irish phrase “leath brogan” which also means Shoemaker.

Associated with economic strength through this lucrative occupation, with fairies being their biggest customers, Leprechauns can make shoes that fit since they and their customers are both tiny creatures and are in turn paid in gold for their services rendered.


Since they tend to live both underground and inside trees, there is a high probability that leprechauns also discover their gold.

With all their hidden living, it’s only a matter of time before they start discovering sunken treasure.

 Leprechauns then take this gold found submerged in the universe, store it in a jar, and keep them hidden at the end of a rainbow


Being known for their tricky and crafty nature, it is believed that these creatures trick their way into getting their gold. 

This could be by placing bets with fellow leprechauns, fairy creatures, or humans which are sure to go in their favor because of their tricky nature.

The idea of leprechauns earning their gold through tricks is highly considered due to their inclination to deception.

How To Get A Leprechaun’s Gold?

Enough talk about how leprechauns earn their gold, now, how can you get their gold?

According to legends, the only possible way of getting a Leprechaun’s gold is by capturing the creature and making him reveal where the end of the rainbow leads to—since that’s the location of the treasure.

Now you don’t need to be told how difficult it is to see, talk less, of catching these creatures due to their tricky nature.

Properties of a Leprechaun

Pot Of Gold

One of the most common traits of a Leprechaun is a pot of gold. It is believed that every Leprechaun has it.

They usually hide these pots in beyond-reach and dangerous places like beneath water bodies like oceans, and peaks of mountains just to make them hard to find.

Some Leprechauns may even have beasts that guard their pots keeping them safe.

Although finding the pot of gold yourself is not practically possible, a sure way to get it is by forcing its owner to take you to it.

When you do this, some Leprechauns may ask you to solve a riddle first or challenge you to defeat the creature guarding it while others may bluntly trick you 

Since Leprechauns usually add to their reserves when they earn gold through various means, it might be a good idea if you follow a Leprechaun that has just received pay to find his pot of gold hideout.

Symbol Of Luck

Leprechauns are closely associated with four-leaf clovers among other symbols of luck.

According to lore, if you happen to capture a Leprechaun, you will be lucky but this only lasts for a while. 

Part of this luck allows you to receive 3 wishes from the Leprechaun. These wishes are to be direct and specific.

 Any mistake of leaving loopholes in these wishes will leave you exploited at their hands.


Used in their everyday lives, Leprechauns have a reputation for playing tricks on anyone they come across.

Myth experts have it that they are creatures who are here to punish greedy people that are after their hard-earned gold.

No Female Leprechauns

In all the myths and legends about Leprechauns, there isn’t any mention of female leprechauns.

This suggests that either the male and female leprechauns look alike or Leprechauns don’t reproduce whatsoever.

While the first suggestion asks what baby Leprechauns would look like, the second explains why they’re hardly seen nowadays.

Green Clothes

Although this wasn’t the case for original myths which claim that Leprechauns wore red clothes, as centuries have passed and Leprechauns have become more associated with Ireland adopting their color–green.

Other properties of Leprechauns include:

  • Tiny Stature
  • Elderly Appearance
  • Noisy
  • Hybrids
  • Drunks 


Leprechauns earn their gold through shoemaking, tricking others, and discovering from the earth.

This gold is usually kept in pots and stashed in unbelievable places and finding them yourself isn’t easy.

Whenever you encounter a Leprechaun be wary of them, because of their tricks, especially when it has to do with their gold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Are Leprechauns friendly?

This depends on your intentions with them, if you’re just trying to have a chat or a drink with them then they may be friendly but if you’re going after their gold, then get ready to be tricked like never before.

  1. How do leprechauns earn their gold?

Leprechauns generally earn their gold through shoemaking, self-discovery, and trickery.

How Do Leprechauns Earn Their Gold? -Know More

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