Firestick Not Connecting To Orbi

A firestick is used to stream videos, play music on the TV and install apps. It is usually an android feature that helps convert regular Tv to a smart one. On the other hand, Orbi is a device that allows the use of wifi-connected devices that are far from a building by extending signal strength or WiFi network coverage for the router. Lets see why Firestick Not Connecting To Orbi.

Firestick Not Connecting To Orbi

However, sometimes it may be somewhat challenging to connect a firestick to Orbi. Your Firestick may not connect to Orbi as you wish. If this happens and you have no idea how to tackle such an issue, your streaming escapades may be interrupted until you figure out how to handle the problem. You can try different methods like updating the firmware and changing a few settings.

Reasons Why Your Firestick Is Not Connecting To Orbi Properly

Your Firestick may fail to connect to Orbi due to various reasons. At times it may be due to connectivity issues or outdated firmware. Physical objects may also affect the functionality of your Firestick. The reasons are well discussed below:

  • Connectivity Issues 

Connectivity issues may be the reason why your Firestick is not connecting to Orbi. If your internet speed is too slow, chances are the Firestick will have a hard time connecting to Orbi. For the device to function correctly, the speed must be at least 6Mbps; otherwise, things will not work as you wish.

  • Outdated Firmware 

If your Firmware is outdated, your Firestick will not connect to Orbi, same as when are using the wrong network settings. Therefore, you must ensure that your network settings are correct and that your Firmware is updated.

  • Physical Objects 

Physical objects are another factor that makes it hard for your Firestick to connect to Orbi. This is because physical objects tend to block signals; thus, if the WiFi signal is blocked, that tells you that the Firestick won’t connect to Orbi as it should.

  • WiFi Compatibility 

WiFi Compatability is another factor that may lead to a Firestick not connecting to Orbi. If the WiFi is set at 4G and your Firestick is not closer to the Orbi router, you will have challenges connecting the Firestick to Orbi. The internet speed and the range have to be at per for things to work correctly.

What You Should Do If Your Firestick Is Not Connecting To Orbi

It can be unpleasant when you want to stream something on your Tv, but the Firestick is not cooperating or instead not connecting to Orbi. So far, you know what might be the cause of your Firestick not connecting to Orbi. Now the question is, what can you do to resolve the problem? Follow these steps to fix the issue.

  1. If the Firmware is Outdated, consider Updating it

Sometimes you may look too far for the cause of the problem, yet the main issue is the Firmware. We all know that if the Firmware is outdated, the Firestick won’t connect to Orbi. To update the Firmware, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the Orbi app, enter your router’s password, and log in.
  • Click on the router settings.
  • Check to confirm if there are any new updates. If there’s a new update, consider updating the Firmware.
  1. Click on the Forget Network Option on Your Firestick, Then Try to Reconnect

To fix the issue, you can forget your Firestick’s Network and then reconnect afterward. You only have to do the following, and you will be good to go:

  • Press your Firestick remote’s home button.
  • Go to Network, then press the Ok button.
  • After pressing Ok, the available and connected WiFi networks will be displayed.
  • Choose your WiFi network and select Forget Network.
  1. Do a Power Cycle on the Orbi Router and the Firestick

Doing a power cycle can help fix the issue real quick. A power cycle helps the devices to run smoothly by cleaning out short-term memory. Here is how to do a power cycle effectively for your Firestick and Orbi router, respectively:

Power Cycle Steps for Your Firestick

  • Check the power cord, then unplug it.
  • Give it a break of three to five minutes.
  • After the break, plug back in the device.

Power Cycle steps for Your Orbi Router

  • Switch off the modem first, then unplug it.
  • Switch off the Orbi router, then unplug it.
  • Plug back in your modem and turn it on immediately.
  • Give it time to restart.
  • Plug back in the Orbi router.


Though your Firestick not connecting to Orbi can be pretty disappointing and annoying, it is possible to fix the problem. You can do a power cycle, forget your Network connection or update the Firmware to solve the issue. Call your service provider if neither of these solutions works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes a firestick not connect to Orbi? 

A Firestick may fail to connect to Orbi due to Poor connection, physical objects blocking the signal, outdated Firmware, or use of wrong network settings.

  1. Do I need any technical skills to connect my Firestick to Orbi? 

There is no technical expertise needed to connect your Firestick to Orbi. However, you can consider reaching out to your service provider in case of any issue.

Firestick Not Connecting To Orbi

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