Fix Sky On Demand Not Working

One thing about Sky On Demand is that you will have different forms of entertainment offered to you. You have full control of how you prefer viewing content from the packages you subscribe to on Sky. You can try if for free or even become a premium member by subscribing. Sometimes you may experience issues with your Sky on Demand, which is normal. As a subscriber, you may find it quite boring whenever you encounter a problem with your Sky on Demand. If it does not connect, you can try restarting it or checking the network to fix the issue to continue enjoying watching different programs. Lets see How to Fix Sky On Demand Not Working?

Fix Sky On Demand Not Working

We have collected the best tips you can use to fix your Sky on Demand not connecting, and they are as discussed below. 

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Effective Tips To Help Fix Your Sky on Demand Not Working

When your Sky on Demand is not working, you can try using various tips to solve the issue. Sometimes troubleshooting is a better option, as well as checking your network connection. All that said, here are tips you can follow to fix your Sky on Demand not working:

1. Check Your Network Connection

The main reason for your Sky on Demand not working may be a poor connection which sometimes is easy to overlook. You may find that your WiFi is not well set up with the Skybox, making Sky on Demand not work correctly. To check and confirm if your Network connection is appropriately set, here are the steps you ought to follow:

  • Use your Q remote to press “Home.”
  • Scroll to the “Settings” options provided.
  • Select “Status.”
  • Go to “Network connection,” then press “Network Setup.”
  • Check if both “Connection to the broadband router” and the “connections to the internet” are ticked.

2. Consider Restarting Your Sky Box

Sky on Demand not working can be easily fixed by restarting the Sky Box. However, it is essential to remember that when restarting the Sky Box, you don’t just switch on and off the device; instead, you have to follow these steps:

  • Check your Broadband and ensure it’s not working.
  • Turn off your Sky Box using the remote.
  • Unplug the Sky Box from the main switch.
  • Give it five minutes, then plug the Sky Box back into the main switch.
  • Your Box’s lights will start flashing up.
  • Press Sky to confirm if you have restarted it.

3. Check if You are Subscribed to the Sky on Demand Services

Before proceeding to the other steps, this should be the first thing you do. Confirming your subscription is vital because, more often than not, Sky on Demand may not be working because you are not subscribed. Check your Sky Subscription details to confirm if you are subscribed to the video on Demand.

4. Reboot Your Router to Fix the Issue

Another way of fixing your Sky on Demand not working issue is by rebooting the router. Rebooting helps fix so many errors that are linked to the network. To reboot your router in the recommended manner, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the router from the power source.
  • Give it three to five minutes to cool down before connecting it back.
  • Once it has cooled down, reconnect it to the primary power source.
  • Give the router time to reboot fully.

5. Consider Resetting Your Network Connection

If your network connection is not set correctly, you will indeed have an issue with your Sky on Demand. To fix the problem, you have to rest your existing network connection and then ensure you pair it afresh. To reset your network connection, do the following:

  • Go to settings, then locate your network.
  • Press the “red” button to reset your network connection.
  • Press the “continue” option. Your network connection will reset.
  • Press the “WPS” button. This is to connect to WiFi afresh.
  • Check if everything is working correctly after doing the reset.

6. Reach Out to Sky Box Customer Support  If the Issue Persists

Once you have tried all these tips and none seems to work, you might want to contact the customer support team to help fix the issue. Customer support will give you a solution to the problem. You can reach them via online chat on their website or by phone using the provided number on the website.

Reasons Why Your Sky on Demand Is Not Working Properly

Sky on Demand maybe not working due to different reasons. The internet connection is not well set up as it should be. Secondly, it may affect your Sky on Demand services if you don’t have the required Sky subscription plan. Things will not work swiftly if Video on Demand is stuck in downloading. Additionally, if you want to watch something that is not part of your subscription plan, Sky on Demand will definitely not work.


Sky on Demand may not be working for the reasons mentioned, but if you follow these steps, it will be easier to restore everything to normal, and your Sky on Demand will start working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Sky on Demand Free? 

Fortunately, Sky on Demand is offered to every Sky Customer without extra charges. However, one has to pay for a subscription to access premium content.

  1. Why is my Sky on Demand not working properly? 

It may be due to a power outage in your area, poor network connections, or video on Demand is stuck in downloading.

Fix Sky On Demand Not Working

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