Kroger Money Services

Kroger is one of the largest traditional grocery retail stores and an industry leader in the United States. The company operates over 2750 grocery retail stores in different formats including supermarkets, multi-department stores, digital shopping options, warehouse stores, and even jewelry stores. Kroger does not just pride itself on providing customers with money-saving deals and quality products, but they also provide money services to help manage your cash whilst you’re in the store.

Kroger Money Services

Kroger Money Services is a division of the Kroger brand that helps you manage your money. With over 2000 locations in Kroger Family stores, if you want to pay a bill, cash a check, or purchase a money order, then Kroger Money Services is the perfect solution for your money management needs. Kroger Money Services lives by the same company values as all Kroger brands, they handle your money with honesty, integrity, respect, and in a safe environment. 

Services Offered By Kroger Money Services 

Money Services at Kroger are there to assist you with managing your money conveniently all whilst you do your regular grocery shopping. Below are some of the service offerings you can take advantage of at Kroger Money Services:

Cash Checks

One of the services offered by Kroger Money Services is check cashing. It is easy, inexpensive, and allows you to cash a wide variety of checks quickly and safely. Some of the checks that you can cash include:

  • Refunds on Income Tax
  • Payroll checks
  • Insurance payouts
  • Government checks
  • Child support settlements
  • Business checks
  • Debit card cashing

If you’d like to have cash in your pocket you can easily cash a check at your nearest Kroger Money Services by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Kroger grocery store – Ensure that the location you are visiting has Kroger Money Services before you go.
  2. Bring the check and correct information – In order to cash a check, you are required to bring the check you want to cash, have your social security or tax number, and some form of legal identification.
  3. Collect cash – The store cashier will process your information and give you the money you require.

Settle Your Bills

With over 15000 different billers and a wide variety of payment options, you can easily manage and pay your bills with Kroger Money Services. Some of the bills that you can take care of whilst you shop include:

  • Water and Electricity bill
  • Rent or Mortgage Payment 
  • Cellar phone bill
  • Natural gas bill
  • Internet bill
  • Credit card bill
  • Car installment
  • Child support payment
  • Satellite and Cable TV bill

To save money and time while paying your bills at Kroger Money Services, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search your biller – Find the biller you want to pay using the Kroger Money Services Biller A-Z list. You can do this before you get to the store to save more time and simply complete the process when you get there.
  2. Find your nearest Kroger store – Since the first step can be done at home, you can then search for the nearest Kroger location to complete the payment.
  3. Settle your bill – To complete the process, take your bill stub and money to a store associate who will assist you to complete the payment via cash or card.

Money Orders

A money order allows you to send money through the mail in advance with confidence that the funds will arrive to the intended recipient without having to wait for the money to leave your account. Money orders are transparent, they can help you budget, and they offer a secure payment method for those without a bank account. Here’s how you can easily get a money order at your nearest Kroger Money Services provider:

  1. Locate your nearest Kroger store – Look for the nearest Kroger store with Money Service in your area.
  2. Fill out Money Order – Ask for a money order form and fill in all the required information. Hand over the form to the store associate and have your Valid ID in hand to complete the process.
  3. Complete order – Pay the required amount for the money order and then deliver your money order in person or via the mail

Processing a money order or cashing a money order is also just as simple, all you need to do is:

  1. Find your nearest Kroger Money Service location and head over there.
  2. Sign the back of the money order to endorse it.
  3. You can accept the money in cash or transfer it to a prepaid card

Card Cashing

To take advantage of the card cashing services available at Kroger Money Service, simply head over to their nearest store location. Once there you can withdraw funds from your debit card without the need to use an ATM. Kroger permits withdrawals of up to $5000 at the same fee for cashing a check. In addition, you can also get up to $300 cash back at their checkout tills for a small fee of $3.


In addition to all the above-mentioned Kroger Money Service offerings, you can now also send and receive money at Kroger stores through Money Service Express. You can find out more about this new partnership with Western Union and Ria Money Transfers online and in-store to start sending and receiving money in a safe and secure way.

Kroger Money Services

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