Majorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has had quite an interesting career, but it’s her net worth that’s attracting all the attention lately. The representative, who also goes by Marjorie Taylor-Greene, has made an excellent living and accumulated a small fortune in politics, but she certainly doesn’t look like she has millions of dollars in her accounts—and people are shocked to learn how much she has. She has three children with Perry Greene, her husband. What is Marjorie Taylor Greene’s net worth? Keep reading to find out!. Let us know ‘Majorie Taylor Greene Net Worth’.

Majorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

Majorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an American businesswoman and politician. She is the founder and CEO of MTG Enterprises, a construction company. Over the years, Greene has amassed an impressive net worth that many can only dream of attaining. Greene has a net worth of $3 million! 

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Know About Her Life and Her Endorsements

She studied at the University of Georgia and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She and her spouse founded a construction firm after graduation. She won a seat in the US House of Representatives in Georgia’s 14th congressional district in 2020. However, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been successful in her own endeavours. Recently, she became the first woman ever elected to Congress in her area after defeating male opponents in 2020. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been endorsed by several high-profile individuals and organizations, including former President Donald Trump, the National Rifle Association, and the Tea Party Patriots. She has also been endorsed by several conservative media outlets, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. It can be assumed that her endorsements play a role in this estimate as well as her background in business and finance. She resides in Atlanta, at the moment.

Her Earnings, Assets and Contributions

She made most of her money from retiring from her job as a business owner. However, she also has a few other income streams, including investments and real estate. Her investments consist of stocks in big companies like Amazon, Disney, and Nike. Her retirement assets include: 1) $1 million worth of funds in the Northview Trust Company; 2) about 50 acres of land in Wayne County; 3) stock for General Electric. Her property includes homes that are located in Washington D.C., Oakland, Michigan, and Detroit, Michigan, across the country, as well as a fleet of cars. Her husband is a businessman who owns multiple companies. It’s likely that most of their wealth comes from his businesses.

In addition to her properties, she owns one farm that’s in Antrim Township. The exact size of this farm is unknown, but it is estimated to be around 500 acres. The total size of all her properties combined makes up nearly 2,000 acres. Through her charitable giving and volunteerism, Taylor Green has had a huge impact on her community. Her philanthropic efforts have supported many causes including education, healthcare, social services for children in need, women’s rights and the environment. 

She has founded or funded organizations such as The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), My Sister’s Place (a shelter for abused women), United Way Worldwide, and The Orenstein Foundation. 

Her Endearing Property Empire

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been in the news a lot lately. The Georgia congresswoman has made headlines for her outrageous conspiracy theories and inflammatory comments. Here’s a look at her endearing property empire. In 2012, Marjorie Taylor Greene bought 100 acres of land in the Chattahoochee National Forest outside of Atlanta. She paid $2 million to have it transformed into a retreat center called Treetop Retreat Center with hiking trails and cabins for overnight stays on site. Later, to accommodate the increasing number of individuals seeking to attend events there, she bought an additional three acres next door.

The private retreat center offers programs like healing arts workshops, meditation classes, group therapy sessions, mountain biking trips and more to help attendees find peace and clarity away from their daily routines.

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene controversial?

Greene is tagged as being controversial.  She has supported far-right, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist conspiracy beliefs, such as the thesis of white genocide.

Where was Marjorie Taylor Greene born?

She was born in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia


Marjorie Taylor Greene has a 3 million-dollar net worth. She has been associated with several firms and made her wealth in real estate. Greene has also been active in politics, and her net worth may increase if she is reelected to office. Greene attended Yale University for both her undergraduate degree and MBA. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not well known by many people but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a huge impact on our society today. Though Rep. Greene may not be as wealthy as some people think she is, she still has considerable resources at her disposal and should not be underestimated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Marjorie Taylor Greene?

She is aged 48 years. Her birthdate is May 27, 1974.

What party is Marjorie Taylor Greene part of?

She identifies as a Republican, which she is very proud of.

Majorie Taylor Greene Net Worth

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