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Being one of the highest-paid actresses in Holywood, the Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman has fit a lot of success in her thirty-nine-year-old career. The actress Nicole Kidman gained remarkable fame when she was cast in the movie called Dead Calm. Most people will also think of movies such as Moulin Rouge, Batman Forever, and To Die For. It is a fact that Nicole Kidman is a prolific actress which makes one question what is Nicole Kidman networth.

Nicole Kidman Networth - Know More

Since Nicole Kidman has been a prolific actress and has been in the sight of Holywood for a long time, her net worth has been up and down for the past years. Nicole Kidman’s was the highest in the year 2015, being $331 million. The biggest change in Nicole Kidman’s net worth happened in the years 2010 and 2011. While the actress’ net worth was $329 million in the year of 2010, it went down to $304 million in the year of 2011. Nicole Kidman’s current net worth is $250 million in the year 2022.

High Amounts Nicole Kidman Received in Particular Movies

Before looking at Nicole Kidman’s movies where she gained high numbers of money, one might want to look at her early career and the low amounts of money she gained to compare. Since she wasn’t an established actress back then and she was just at the beginning of her career, Nicole Kidman received an amount as low as $200.000 when she was cast to be in Days of Thunder in 1990. 

It might be wrong to call an amount like $200.000 as low, but it is low when one looks at the earnings of the established actors and actresses in Hollywood. Naturally, Nicole Kidman’s payments increased over the year and she received $7 million for her role in Moulin Rouge. Although it is quite an improvement for the young actress, this was still not a remarkable amount for the future Nicole Kidman. 

Kidman’s earnings have increased to $15 million for the movie Cold Mountain that she was a part of in 2003. When one comes to the biggest amount of payment Nicole Kidman has received in her career, is the movie salary she received from the movie called Bewitched which was released in 2005. Nicole Kidman earned $17.5 million and it was the highest amount she has been ever paid in her career.

Other Means of Earnings for Nicole Kidman

Other than movies and TV series Nicole Kidman partake in, the established actress was also the face of several companies and took part in several commercials. In the year of 2003, Chanel offered Nicole Kidman to be the face of their new perfume. 

Nicole Kidman agreed to be the face of Chanel and acted in their commercial to advertise the perfume called Chanel No. 5. The established actress Nicole Kidman received $12 million from the company, which is much higher than the amount she received in movies in her early career. 

Four years later, Nicole Kidman became the face of Nintendo. The company partnered up with the actress to advertise Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day! which is a Nintendo DS game. Other companies that managed to collaborate with the established actress were Jimmy Choo and Neutrogena.

 The actress agreed to be the face of Jimmy Choo shoes in 2013, and the face of Neutrogena in 2017. The actress has also been the brand ambassador for Etihad Airways in the year of 2015, and also the global brand ambassador of SeraLabs in the year of 2020. 

Along with the commercials and her other collaborations with several companies, Kidman has also invested in real estate. The established actress and her husband Keith Urban invest in real estate and the couple has real estate all over the world which is worth $30 million in total.


In conclusion, one shouldn’t be surprised by the massive net worth of the established actor Nicole Kidman. The actress has been in the game of Holywood for thirty-nine years and has been a prolific actress. Apart from being a prolific actress, Nicole Kidman has also been a great producer and ambassador. The established actress has donated a remarkable amount to specific campaigns.


Is Nicole Kidman richer than her husband?

While Nicole Kidman’s net worth in 2022 is $250 million, Nicole Kidman’s husband Keith Urban’s net worth is around $75 million. The apparent difference makes Nicole Kidman richer than her husband.

How rich are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban together?

While it might not be entirely correct, the approximate combined net worth of the couple is $320 million. Kidman and Urban have bought several real estates. All of them are worth $30 million.

How tall is Nicole Kidman?

Although it might vary from one source to another, Nicole Kidman is said to be five feet eleven inches tall (1.79 meters).

Nicole Kidman Networth – Know More

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