Who Has Good Family Meal Deals?

When people go out with their family to a restaurant, they usually look for good family meal deals on the menu. So that’s why there are many restaurants and fast food chains that provide a lot of family deals according to different numbers of persons in a family. As you know that family meal deals save a lot of your money and provide a good amount of food for the whole family.  Family meal deals save your money and provide a very good quantity of food for the family. Many places in the United States provide good family meal deals, for example, McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC, Wingstop, Taco Bell, and Popeyes. All Family meal deals at these places range from $6 to $40. Let’s discuss in detail some of the good family meal deals provided by these restaurants. 

Who Has Good Family Meal Deals?


It is one of the most popular fast food chains worldwide. Every person loves to go to McDonald’s when they want to have a good burger, nuggets, fries, and chicken pieces. There are many family deals available on the McDonald’s menu. The best one that you can get for your family is the McNugget deal and it costs only $13. You can also get this meal with fries which costs you $20. There are some other deals for your family if you are not in the mood for fast food. You can order 9 cups of hot coffee for $12.80 and 13 cookies for $7. 

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Popeyes is a very famous fried chicken place. If you are going here with your family you should order their 11-piece chicken deal. This deal has 11 pieces of fried chicken or tenders, 5 biscuits, and two large sides of your choice. It costs $26 and you can add more in this deal if 11 pieces fried chicken are not enough for your family for $10 or according to what you add. Popeyes also have another family deal which is the big family feast and costs $35. It includes 8 pieces of chicken, 3 chicken sandwiches, 3 biscuits, 3 apple pies, and 1 large side. These are the best deals you can ever have with your family. 


KFC is a very famous fast-food chain worldwide. It has the best crispy chicken. There are many family meal deals which you can enjoy with your family. If they like fried chicken then KFC provide a deal that you can share with your family. It includes 8 pieces of fried chicken, large fries, coleslaw, chicken tenders, large mashed potatoes, and biscuits. This deal cost you only $30. This deal is a must-order whenever you go to KFC with your family. 


If your family is a pizza lover then Domino’s is the best place to try some family meal deals. You can get Mix and Match deal that costs $6. It includes pizzas with toppings of your choice. You can either choose salads, cheesy stuffed bread, etc. This deal is not expensive at all so you can order the same deal again according to your family members. This deal was available at branches but now Dominos has changed it and you can only avail of this deal by ordering online. 

Taco Bell 

Taco Bell sells the best Tacos in the United States. As every restaurant has family meal deals, Taco Bell also gives people, the best family meal deal that costs $11. It includes 4 soft or crunchy tacos and 4 burritos. You can also choose tacos of your choice for the deals taco part pack and its costs ranges from $10 to $17. There is no reason to miss these family meal deals at Taco Bell.


If you have a family of 3 or 4 members and love to eat wings then you must try the family meal deals at Wingstop because they provide the yummiest boneless wings. They have a deal that includes 20 wings, four sauces, veggie sticks, dipping sauces, and large fries. This deal is only for $17 which is a reasonable price and the quantity is also very good. 


Everyone prefers to choose good family meal deals when they are out with their family or a large group of friends. People mostly look for deals that can save their money and provide a good amount of food that fills up their stomachs. So you must visit these places whenever you go out with your family or want to treat your friends. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can you add something else from the menu in the family meal deals?

Answer: No, if you want to add something else from the menu in your family meal deal, it will cost you extra charges. 

Q: Can you order a family meal deal online?

Answer: Yes, many restaurants allow people to avail of deals by ordering online. 

Q: Is it necessary to be with a family to avail of family meal deals?

Answer: No, it is not necessary to be with a family to avail of family deals. There is no requirement to get a family meal deal.  

Who Has Good Family Meal Deals?

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