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Assurant, Inc. is an insurance company that covers risk management products and services. The company has several locations across the world and its headquarters is based at 55 Broadway Suite, New York. It has been in the business for over a century, and it is highly known for its lifestyle and house cover market. You are supposed to pay monthly if you are insured by Assurant, the amount will depend on your insurance policy. Let us learn ‘How To Cancel Assurant?’.

How To Cancel Assurant?

How To Cancel Assurant?

You will be charged each month for the insurance cover you took when signing up, which is a drawback for those who cannot afford to consistently pay for the cover. Here is a clue on how to unsubscribe within minutes. Call or send an email to the Assurant customer representative, give your details so that they can identify your account, and request for cancellation of your policy. Ask him to send you the confirmation email once done.

Information needed for you to cancel your Assurant subscription 

  • Your identity proof – prove that this is you trying to cancel your subscription and not someone else. The Assurant team will need your first and last name, and date of birth. This is done to avoid fraudulent activities.
  • Last four digits of your card – You will have to produce your social security number, which is what they will use to trace your account within a thousand accounts.
  • Full billing details – Assurant will ensure that you do not have any pending debt from the past months of your subscription. You are supposed to clear your subscription debts before canceling the subscription.
  • The address and contacts associated with the Assurant account – Your details are needed because; they want to identify your account, and they want to validate that you are truly the owner of the Assurant account.
  • The state/ region/ country/ zip/ postal code – They would love to know where you are from.
  • Your reason for cancellation – You have to give a reason why you are canceling your subscription. They use this information to improve their services so that no more customers will have to unsubscribe.

Step-by-step procedure to cancel your Assurant subscription

Over the phone

Step 1: Call Assurant customer support agents, their contacts are on their website.

Step 2: Inform the agent that you are requesting to cancel your insurance policy.

Step 3: Request to be refunded.

Step 4: You will be sent an email that confirms that your cover is canceled.

Step 5: Keep the confirmation message sent to you

Using DoNotPay app

Step 1: Visit the DoNotPay website

Step 2: Press find hidden money

Step 3: You will see Assurant, press cancel.

The reason why people cancel Assurant subscription 

  • Some people find the fee charged for the Assurant services too much, they are not able to continuously pay for it monthly. When not paid, the fee will pile up on your credit card. This will only stop when you cancel the subscription and pay up your debt.
  • When you accidentally signed up for Assurant and you did not know. Sometimes the Assurant subscription options are hidden in the signup process and you would not even notice or do not know what it means.

Other insurance alternatives to Assurant

  • Prudential –There are several insurance policies, all you have to do is choose. The pricing for your subscription depends on your insurance policy cover. In addition, they provide financial education services.
  • Allstate – They have variety of insurance policies, whichever suits your need. Their pricing depends on the insurance policy cover you have taken. The insurance quotes are personalized to fit every customer.

The best part of the Assurant insurance is that it brings people back to their feet when they fall. They do 100% compensation or compensation as per your policy agreement. However, there reaches a point where you feel like you are giving out more than you receive. At this point, you can look for a better alternative or cancel your insurance policy cover.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription when the billing cycle is not yet over?

Yes, you can. You have the power to cancel your subscription at any time and you will be refunded for the period you paid and did not use it.

  1. Is it possible for me to free my Assurant account instead of canceling it?

Unfortunately, no. Your only alternative is to cancel your insurance cover if you do not want to pay further.

  1. Where can I file my claim to be compensated?

Visit Assurant’s online portal and log in, look for Claims and Support Center and choose the type of plan you have. You will be directed to the appropriate contact address or web page for your insurance policy. After you have acquired the relevant contact, call immediately and make your claim.

How To Cancel Assurant? – Know More

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