Why Internet Connection Drops During Rains? 

Rains provide for very breezy and cool weather. However, there is a lot that stops given this same weather along with our everyday functioning. Whether you’re working from home or at your office, the internet is something you need. When that stops, work stops. However, given the rains, there are quite valid reasons behind the same. Let us know ‘Why Internet Connection Drops During Rains?’.

Why Internet Connection Drops During Rains?

The Internet connection can drops during rains for multiple reasons. This doesn’t always have something to do with the quality of your operator or the company. While low quality or copper cables are a reason, others are low signal, winds, disturbed wiring, and so on. It could be that your system is overloaded or even that the connection’s bandwidth is high. 

Reasons Why An Internet Connection Stops During Rains? 

From different companies to operators, everyone has their preferences when choosing an internet connection. Stability, durability, and good connection are some factors consumers tend to look at. However, given the monsoons, one can’t really help when the internet connection stops. Here are a few reasons why: 


Heavy rains can have an impact on signaling. This could be a local problem or even a greater one on the city level. Often, connections get jammed or blocked and don’t allow the flow of the signal to come across causing your internet to stop. Moreover, if you’re in a clustered space, it makes it already that much more difficult to send across signals, the rains just add to the interference causing the connection to stop. 


It could be that some of the wirings are faulty and the rains have caused it to get worse. When it comes to wiring, rains can create multiple problems for the same. Connections that use copper cables are bound to get affected way more than others. Also, wires may get pulled out, tangled, or even create a short circuit due to the water coming in from rains. 


Winds mess with the placing and wiring especially of those outside your room or house. It directly affects the towers providing a signal or even disrupts the frequency around you. A very windy day can ruin your internet connection and signal as much as your surrounding with trees and other aspects. When it comes to extreme weather, trees fall and one of the things that are ruptured is the wiring responsible for a smooth connection. 

Lower bandwidth 

Often it so happens that during the rains, everyone is clustered around the internet perhaps at home or office. This causes an overload on the internet which most systems cannot handle. The high unusual bandwidth rate causes the internet connection to stop. 

Company’s call 

When the weather is really bad, some operators take the call to temporarily shut down their services to avoid the many issues that come to consumers given the rains. This saves a lot of trouble on their end but stops your internet connection for that period.

What Can Be Done?

  • Contact your operator- If you can’t seem to find out the problem, try talking to your operator and see if they have temporarily altered their services.
  • Keep the space open – Try to avoid keeping things or letting the water fall on wiring and other equipment set up for your internet connection. This allows the maximum  signal to come in 
  • Check on wiring- Mostly, the internet stops due to wiring or signal issues. So try to see if you find loose ends or messed-up wires if your connection stops. Sometimes, even moving the wires may work. 
  • Restarting – This is the simplest method to try first. It could be that there is no major problem with the wires or so. There could be a simple block in the flow of connection that can be repaired by restarting or waiting for a while.  


Having an interrupted internet connection or connections that completely stop during rains is normal. You can always fix the issue with simple precautions based on the time of wiring and other equipment or even contact your operator for queries. Other than that, the best thing to do is be patient and understand that the weather may have something to do with the connection and will revert back to normal once the rains reduce. 


  • Can the internet stop during rains due to poor quality? 

Yes. the cables and wiring you use and the quality has an effect on how strong your signal is. If not, it can be easily interrupted even with a moderate shower. 

  • Should I contact my internet provider if the city’s internet is down due to rain?

If the entire city or even area’s internet is down, it could be an adjustment on the other end, while you can contact your operator, they may not be able to do much till the same is resolved. 

Why Internet Connection Drops During Rains? 

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