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FMovies is a series of copyright infringement websites that provide unlimited streaming movies and shows for free. According to a statement given by Torrentfreak, FMovies was created in 2016, and was instantly blocked by Google in the same year as well. But, in January 2018 the government of The United States identified the site as a notorious market. Let us know ‘FMovies Alternative’. 

FMovies Alternative

FMovies Alternative

FMovies had officially been blocked due to being reduced to the Pirate Bay of the internet. Since 2019, FMovies is available with two different site names. But, their location is unidentified.

Are FMovies safe?

No, FMovies is not a safe website. One is advised not to visit the platform if they are not much fond of streaming movies and shows through piracy. It is against the Cyber Protection law to watch any kind of content on a plagiarized site when the creator has not officially permitted it for use. One can end up exposed to a large amount of malware and system malfunction. 

One must know that if they are visiting this site, then they will also be charged with streaming pirated content and will be declared guilty of patent intrusion. Another red flag from FMovies is that it has a lot of domain names, and some of these domains are scams made by other users to gain money through the audience. Surfers get deceived when they are charged for pirated content. 

Did FMovies shut down?

In April 2019, Internet Service Providers of India was directed to shut down all servers of FMovies. This is because the Government of the United States has identified FMovies as one of the most pirated websites on the internet. Since then, FMovies has changed their Domain from ‘FMovies. to’ to ‘Bmovies. to’

What are some alternative sites for FMovies?

FMovies consists of a total of 11 sites with different names running anonymously in secret. These sites have a following compared to millions and all of them have conspired to be famous streaming platforms for many users who want to pirate movies and shows against Cyber Laws. Here is the mention of alternative sites for FMovies:

  • 123Movies
  • YifyMovies
  • today
  • Cmovies
  • GoMovies
  • MovieWatcher
  • MovieTube
  • Crackle
  • YesMovies
  • GoStream
  • Tubi

Other than that, here are some working websites of FMovies on Google: 


 Out of these 11 sites, here are 5 most popular sites for FMovies:


123Movies is one of the most popular sites for streaming content online without any kind of payment. This site was launched in Vietnam, and it is connected to the cluster of various other illegal streaming platforms since March 2018. 123Movies has changed its Domain name a good number of times. Some of the latest names are ‘’, ‘’, ‘123Movies.hub’, etc. This site has shut down a good number of times. But still, some of its alternatives are actively running even today.


Cmovies is a platform that is blocked by Governments of several countries like India. It is not safe because it has violated the legal regulations of cyber security protocols known as ‘anti-piracy’ law. One can watch several shows and movies on this site, but it comes with the cost of vigorous pop-us and non-permissible download of malware in one’s system.


YesMovies is a popular free movie streaming site with a range of indie, B-movie, old, and brand new films. The content provided by Yesmovies is not licensed, hence it is not legal to view, or download this platform’s content. It is one of the temporary websites made in case of an emergency shutdown of FMovies, 123Movies, and other major free Movie Sites.


 Movie Tube is a video streaming app that gives one permission to watch full-length movies on YouTube. It lists up those streaming videos that are publicly available and longer than 20 minutes. This app offers particular filters such as 32 language options, 16 genres, movie categories, trending videos, recent releases, and many more. Some of the websites the like are ‘Viooz’, ‘SolarMovie’, and ‘watch32’. Google them, and one will be provided with the search box to search their content.


Tubi is a secure, authentic streaming platform. It is different from other sites that upload a small number of uncertain links for a limited number of movies and TV shows. It’s legal, does not view pop-up windows or safety caution, and won’t transmit one anywhere. To keep the service of Tubi legal and free of charge, the website comprises ads. This is to monetize the content that their associates, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount, offer to them.


FMovies is a series of copyright infringement websites that provide unlimited streaming movies and shows for free. FMovies is not a safe website. One will be charged guilty for the violation of Cyber Protection Rules and Copyright Infringement if they streamed its content. 

FMovies consists of a total of 11 sites with different names running anonymously in secret. Out of them, the five most used alternatives of FMovies are 123Movies, CMovies, YesMovies, MovieTube, and Tubi. None of these sites are licensed, and all of them have been shut down countless times till today.

Some frequently answered questions:

Why can’t I watch FMovies?

If the site is not working, it is mostly because it is linked to a lot of pirated content in many places. Downloading such content also downloads unnecessary bulk of data which may harm one’s device.

How can I watch FMovies without ads?

One must select the Gear Button on the upper right corner of the site’s window. After that, click on ‘internet options’ and select ‘privacy tab’. Click on ‘settings’ in the pop-up blocker option. Under them, click on doubtful URLs, and lastly, select remove.

Why are FMovies so slow?

This is because One’s Internet Connection is not as speedy as the requirement of the site. Usually, FMovies required more than the average speed of the internet which mostly causes problems like buffering, slow processing speed, etc.

FMovies Alternative – Know More

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