Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

Finding a suitable job is one of society’s main goals, face it, money is vital for survival. In this article, we will be discussing working at Costco and if it is a good option. Let’s learn about ‘Is Costco A Good Place To Work?’.

Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

Costco is a multi-Billion dollar retail company, based in America, that is well known for its affordable prices. 

Previous employees have heavily praised the amazing working environment and the multiple benefits of working here. Costco has around 195,000 Employees working part-time and full-time. Apart from a competitive salary, Costco employees are offered a variety of other benefits, including health care. It keeps its product prices approximately 10% lower than its competition and earns from membership fees.

Time: Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

Costco workers may have to come in at 5 am since the store opens at 7 am. Costco is also open seven days a week which means that employees do not have their Sundays off. However, Costco does close on most national holidays.

Hourly Rate: Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

According to Payscale, employees working at Costco can have an hourly salary ranging from $11.00 to $35.00. This range depends upon the position of the employee and the employee’s work experience with the company. Supervisors are said to make the most money, while front-end clerks earn the least.

Employee Benefits

Apart from the salary, employees working at Costco also get a variety of other benefits. They get a minimum of 16 days off per year, along with paid holidays for employees working more than 43 hours per month. They also get seven paid vacation days that are earned annually.

Health and Insurance Benefits

Costco gives its employees Dental, Vision, and Health insurance along with temporary Disability Insurance, Accidental Death, and Dismemberment Insurance.

Financial and Retirement Benefits

Employees working at Costco get multiple financial benefits including Profit Sharing, Stock bonuses, 401(k) plans, and pension Plans.


According to previous employees, Costco has a very laid-back, friendly, and relaxed working experience. Employees can come to work dressed in polo shirts, jeans, blouses, and closed-toe shoes. Costco also implements several safety policies that include background checks. They have a no-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use.

Scheduling flexibility

Costco is famous for its flexible schedule. It allows its employees to choose their working hours which means it is very good for students who are looking for part-time work. This way they can schedule their working hours around the time of their classes

Shopping after hours

Costco employees are allowed to shop in the store after hours. This means that they can get an immersive shopping experience without having people coming in their middle. The store keeps the member service counter open after the store officially closes to accommodate employee shoppers.

Free Food

Employees at Costco also get a variety of free samples to taste. This is more frequent on weekends but they can get it on weekdays too.

Overall, the Costco community is very friendly. The employees get free turkey on Thanksgiving and some even get membership cards. Costco holds great value for people who have worked for a long time at their store and holds them in great esteem. They give long-time workers increased salaries and many other perks. There is huge growth potential.

Complaints: Is Costco A Good Place To Work?


Previous employees have complained that customer treatment is a very big downside to working with Costco. Some customers are unhygienic, disrespectful, and sometimes downright rude. Dealing with such people is often very stressful for the employees.

Manual Labor

Costco workers may have to do a lot of manual labor in their shifts. This includes stacking heavy bags and piling other goods in different places.

Outdated Technology

Some employees have complained that Costco’s technology is very outdated. Oftentimes paper and pencil are used instead of a digitalized system

Tight Deadlines

An Employee on Reddit has said that Costco can have very strict deadlines if you have certain jobs. These include morning stockings or nighttime cleanup.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Although it may seem that Costco workers are living the ideal life, there are a few backsides. Employees have said that they find a poor work-life balance along with scheduling conflicts and stressful work.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Is Costco A Good Place To Work?’, To conclude, working at Costco may be worth the experience, especially if you do not possess a bachelor’s degree. 

They offer huge growth IPU along with potential and benefits to both part-time and full-time workers. 


  • Q)Do Part Time workers receive benefits at Costco?

A)Although it is uncommon for companies to give party benefits, Costco gives its part-time workers almost the same benefits that it gives its full-time workers. This makes Costco an ideal place for part-time and seasonal workers.

  • Q)What is the minimum age to work at Costco?

A)Unlike many other big companies that have a minimum age limit of 16, Costco has a minimum working age limit of 18.

  • Q)Does Costco pay sufficiently?

A)Costco is known to pay its employees more than its competitors pay their employees. 

  • Q)What job is hard at Costco?

A)Being an entrance Door Service Member can be a particularly hard service as it is tedious work. Moreover, standing in one place is hard.

Is Costco A Good Place To Work?

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