Where Is The Driver’s License Number In Manitoba?

Manitoba is a province of Canada which; is bordered by North Dakota US. To obtain a Manitoba driving license, you should be at least 16 years old and pass the driving test and driving test according to the policy of the United States. If you are applying for the first time for a valid driver’s license within Manitoba, you must register yourself at any Manitoba insurance customer agency. Let us know ‘Where Is The Driver’s License Number In Manitoba?’.

Where Is The Drivers License Number In Manitoba?

Where is the driver’s license number in Manitoba?

A driver’s license number is an identification number issued to drivers by any government agency. This number shows that you can drive where you live in a specific state. This number is mentioned on your driver’s license. In Manitoba, the driver’s license number is located on the left side and in front of the identification card as a name of (DD/REF) and identification number. If any employee has a valid Manitoba driver’s license, He can also give his document number for verification of his identification. 

Where is the number mentioned?

This document number is mentioned in your cards and certificates. First in Manitoba license card. Second, in Manitoba temporary driver’s license. And third, a Manitoba identification card. In addition, in Manitoba, thousands of residents apply for a Manitoba driver’s license each year. If you also want to apply, you have to follow some guidelines whether it’s a (class 5), or motorcycle (class 6) and if it is any other vehicle then it would not be a direct line-forward process for each vehicle.

Driving license number in Manitoba license card:

The Manitoba driver’s license number is located in the upper right-hand corner of your Manitoba driver’s license. It consists of five numbers, but only four are displayed on your card. The fifth number is hidden and must be requested if needed. The first number is the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN), followed by two numbers at the end that indicate where you were born. 

Driving license number in Manitoba temporary drivers license 

Manitoba is one of the provinces that has a very simple, and simple system for issuing temporary driver’s licenses. The driver’s license number, which is used in Manitoba, can be obtained by visiting any driver licensing office located in Manitoba. The process of obtaining a temporary driver’s license in Manitoba is quite simple, but it takes about 4-5 minutes to complete.If you are not a U.S citizen then you have to bring your passport or other documents showing your citizenship and identity.

Manitoba driving license number valid in the United States: 

Manitoba Identification Card, also known as Manitoba Driver’s License, is a form of identity document issued by the Government of Manitoba that serves as proof of identity and age. It can also be valid in the United States and many other countries. A full list of documents required; to obtain a Manitoba Identification Card or Driver’s License can be found here.

Requirement for applying for the driver’s license:

The driver’s license number is a 10-digit code and can be found on the front of the card. The first two numbers are the decade, followed by eight digits and two numbers. Manitoba identification cards are issued by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). The cardholder must provide proof of identity, residency, and legal presence in Canada when applying for an original or replacement Manitoba driver’s license or identification card.

Terms and conditions for Manitoba license

The license number Manitoba is a term and condition for the driver’s license. 

  • A license number is a unique number that is assigned to every driver’s license. 
  • The license number is not only used as an identifier in databases, but also for identification purposes. 
  • In particular, it can be used by police officers and other persons working in the field of security. 
  • In addition to the information on your name, address, and date of birth, the driver’s license contains information about your height, eye color, hair color, and any other details that may be required for identification purposes.

Validity of driver’s license in Manitoba

The validity of your driver’s license in Manitoba depends on the issuing province. You must still register your vehicle with the Manitoba Registrar of Motor Vehicles. If you don’t have a valid driver’s license from another Canadian province or territory, then you must obtain one before you can drive in Manitoba. You can apply for a temporary permit once you are in Manitoba and complete five hours of driving experience within the first six months of arrival. After that, the temporary permit will expire after three years and you’ll need to renew it.


To comply with the new laws, you need to have a valid Manitoba driver’s license. However, it is not mandatory to display the number on your license.The driver’s license number is located; on the front side of the card. If you are having trouble finding the number, it may be because you do not know where to look. The driver license number; is found in the upper left-hand corner of your card. It is also called a unique identifier.


Q1: Where is the driving license number on the Manitoba license card?

 Ans: the driving license number on the Manitoba License card is located in front of the card.

Q2: What do you mean by License number? 

Ans: The license number issued by the government agency to its residents. 

Where Is The Driver’s License Number In Manitoba?

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