Can You Use Instacart To Deliver To Someone Else?

It is human to want to share the good things you experience in life. Instacart is one of those things. Instacart makes grocery shopping the most convenient and easiest thing to do when running a household. During the pandemic, many people started using Instacart. Such are times when you would wonder if you can use the Instacart app to deliver groceries to your mom, who cannot use the app. This article will answer that question, so keep reading.

Can You Use Instacart To Deliver To Someone Else?

Can You Use Instacart To Deliver To Someone Else?

Yes, Instacart allows you to deliver to someone else in various ways, such as sharing your account, sending as a gift, or via the group cart feature on your app. You can also order from your side and arrange for Instacart to deliver across the continent. However, you have to change the delivery address on your app and put the address of the person you are delivering to. This is to avoid confusion. There are no additional charges to do this.

Here Are the Things You Need to Know About Instacart Delivery, Especially if You Want to Deliver to Someone Else

  1. How to change your delivery address
  2. Sharing your Instacart account
  3. Using a group cart on Instacart
  4. Sending Instacart order as a gift

Changing the Instacart Delivery Address

On your Instacart app, click on view account and then account settings. Select Add New Address to be able to enter the delivery instructions and the new address. Change the delivery address to the person you want items delivered to. The app allows you to save multiple addresses at once hence making it easy to order for other people. 

Sharing Your Instacart Account

Sharing Instacart with someone else means you have to trust the person with your financial information. As we said earlier, multiple addresses can be added to Instacart. You can add your friend’s address and give them your logins. Multiple people can use the same account at once, so there is no need to worry about shopping time regulations. Your friend can shop using your payment information.

Another way to share your account is through a group cart. This is more convenient for people living together or in the office where you don’t want to buy things in duplicate, or you want to decide when it is convenient to buy things. This leads us to our next point.

Using a Group Cart on Instacart

The Instacart group cart is the safest way to deliver groceries to someone else. It allows you to deliver without someone taking control of your account. First, ensure that everyone you want in the group cart has an Instacart account. Tap the shopping cart icon to create the group, and then click my carts. Click on Create a Group Cart. You then send emails to invite everyone you need on your group cart. Group cart allows people to shop and use their own payment methods during check out. The benefit of using a group cart is that if one member has an express membership, it benefits everyone in the group.

Sending Instacart Order as a Gift

Instacart recently introduced a new feature called ‘send as a gift.’ Before you check out, change the delivery address to the person you want to send the gift to. Click on the send as a gift button to be allowed to enter the number and name of the recipient, as well as write a gift message for them. They will then receive a message to notify them of the gift so that they can track the product in real time.


As we have seen, it is possible to make orders for someone else in various ways. You can choose to share your account details or send them as a gift through the Instacart group cart or by making orders for them and changing delivery details. So, you have a friend you want to buy a bottle of wine for or a mom you want to buy groceries for, yes, you can make the orders. Just make sure your friend has the legal age for the wine!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Instacart deliver to another address?

As we said earlier, Instacart does not limit the number of addresses you want to add to your account. Every time you make an order, you decide the address to which you want your products delivered to before you check out. order.

  1. Can I have two or more Instacart accounts?

Instacart allows only one personal account per person. However, if you want a second account, you can create one for business purposes. 

  1. Can a family share Instacart?

Instacart allows you to share your account with family members, friends, and colleagues via group cart. This makes shopping effortless with free deliveries, credit back on pick up, and much more savings. 

Can You Use Instacart To Deliver To Someone Else?

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