How To Put A Read Receipt On Yahoo Mail?

Under normal circumstances, you will receive a notification of a failed delivery if the email you sent from your yahoo account did not successfully reach the recipient. Since you receive this kind of feedback, you might wonder how you can enable read receipt so that you get to know whether the recipient has read your email or not. Without read receipts, the only way to see if they read your email is when they reply. What if they never respond? This article will discuss the steps you can follow to put a read receipt on your yahoo mail. Just read on to find out. 

How To Put A Read Receipt On Yahoo Mail?

How To Put A Read Receipt On Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo mail does not provide a feature to turn on your read receipts. That is so unfortunate that yahoo does not have this feature. However, Yahoo allows you to use other platforms like mail spring or outlook to track your emails, but they also suggest that if you wish to know whether the recipient received your email, ask them to confirm by replying to it. I know the feeling when you send a mail to your old friend, months pass by without hearing back from them, and you wonder if they ever received your email. I will get you through various steps you can follow to put a read receipt on your yahoo mail. 

Steps to Follow to Put a Read Receipt on Your Yahoo Mail Using Mail Spring

  1. Start by downloading mail spring
  2. Sign in to your yahoo account
  3. Send emails

Download Mailspring

Mailspring is a free email client that works on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It enables you to send emails with read receipts and also track them. When you use mail spring, you will receive notifications when the recipient opens your email. That is what you wanted, right?

Sign in to your Yahoo Account

After signing in to your yahoo account, run mail spring and choose SMPT or IMAP on the setup screen of the email. Then enter your yahoo account setting connections and click on continue. Mail spring allows you to check your yahoo account emails without a webmail interface, making it easier for you to check the read receipts.

You Can Now Start Sending Emails

When you send emails, do so through mail spring, and remember to link your tracking and to enable read receipts. There are icons you should click on to ensure that your read receipts are on as you send that email, so keep an eye on them during the process. Notifications will appear on the top left of your window every time your emails are read, or links are clicked. When you have multiple recipients, mail spring will let you know who has opened the email. Simple, right?

 Now let us get you through the second way you can put read receipts on your yahoo account. Outlook. It is a famous email client used mainly by companies and businesses. I have outlined a few steps to configure your yahoo email account and enable read receipts. 

First, launch MS Outlook on your computer and click the file tab. Next, select the account settings icon and click on add account. Select manual setup or the option of additional server types. You then select IMAP or POP. Some of the information you will have to enter once in IMAP and POP are:

  • My outgoing server requires authentication
  • Use the same settings as my incoming mail server

When you are done, click on the advanced tab and check all the incoming and outgoing servers. Click the okay button and then next; to finish setting up your yahoo account on outlook. You can then use MS outlook to enable read receipts. 

Conclusion does not give an option to put read receipts. However, it allows you to use other email accounts to enable this. Using the steps, we have outlined above, you will be able to set up read receipts on your yahoo account. This article has got you whether you are comfortable with mail spring or MS outlook. If you get into trouble and need professional assistance, call experts to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my sent folder empty on my yahoo account?

You could have changed your settings to delete immediately which is causing this. If you want to correct this, go to Options, click on Spam protection, under spam filter, and change settings from delete immediately to save this message. There is a need to choose a time frame to which the message can be saved.

  1. Can you retrieve deleted sent email from yahoo mail

Yes, you can restore emails on your yahoo account, but only if they were deleted less than seven days ago, regardless of the time they were received. The restored emails will be stored in the folders that they were initially in and during the time frame you decide to restore.

How To Put A Read Receipt On Yahoo Mail?

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