Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?

Everyone loves to play video games from their childhood to a young age, and GameStop could give you a perfect video game because it is one of the largest video game retailers in the world. Despite not offering video games, it produces consumer electronics, consoles, accessories, and gaming merchandise from its stores. GameStop has 4,500 stores in different countries, like the United States, Australia, Canada, Italy, and a few more. GameStop began in the United States in 1984. Let us know more detail about ‘Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?’.

Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?

Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?

GameStop offers a price match policy at its stores, but only with four competitive stores, and according to the price match policy of GameStop, they will compare the prices of the products with only these four competitor stores and not with any other store.

GameStop started a price match policy at its stores recently, and if a product is sold and shipped from the website or store of GameStop only, they will do price matching with other competitive stores.

When you shop for any item from GameStop. If you find that other competitive stores are offering that same product at a lower price, you can claim a price match at GameStop.

If a customer proves that the same item is cheaper at any other competitive store than GameStop, then GameStop will refund you the difference in money.

GameStop cares about its customers by offering price matching and price adjustments. It benefits its customers by allowing them to save money while shopping for their favorite items at GameStop stores.

GameStop’s Price Match Policy:

  • GameStop has started a price matching policy recently because they find that many competitive stores offer price match policies, and they have achieved good benefits in their business, and customers are gravitating towards the stores that offer price matching.
  • GameStop does not price match with all retail stores; instead, it compares the prices of its store products with only four competitors.
  • When you shop for products from the website, GameStop will make price adjustments on the products. If any product is on sale on, it does not offer price adjustments or price matches.
  • If you buy a brand new product from GameStop and you have bought that same product before from GameStop, then customers cannot claim a price match and refund from GameStop.
  • When GameStop offers sales on its products at the store. If you see that same product at a lower price on the website, it will not do price matching on these products.
  • GameStop offers price matching with these stores: Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart stores, and it does not compare prices with the websites of these stores. It compares prices with those on its website,
  • Customers need to provide proof regarding the lower price at GameStop when they get a product at a lower price from those stores.

When GameStop does not offer price-matching?

  • GameStop will not do price matching with local and small retailers.
  • It will price-match with only certain competitive stores, not with all, and neither will it compare prices with third-party online vendors.
  • GameStop does not price match any of the products that are on sale at the store or website of GameStop.

*GameStop has started offering price matching at its stores lately, so they suggest customers call their nearest local GameStop store and inquire about the price match offer.

Does GameStop or another competitor offer price matching?

GameStop is one of the largest video game retailers, but other stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are giving tough competition to GameStop, and all these stores offer price-matching at their stores, which is why GameStop also started a price-matching policy. Each of these stores has its price-matching policy, and when you want to claim a price-match at GameStop, you should choose a specific store offering the lowest price on the same item. You can save more money.

Best Buy stores offer price-matching with GameStop stores, which are located within a 25-mile radius of a Best Buy store.

Does GameStop offer price matching on pre-order products?

When you pre-order video games from GameStop, and you pay the anterior cost of that game, but when it comes to the market and the price drops of that particular game in a certain period, then GameStop offers a price adjustment to its customers, and you can pay the dropped price of that game, or if you want, you can cancel your order.

If that game is delivered by GameStop, according to the price adjustment of GameStop, you have to pay the lower price.

Alternatives to Price Matching at GameStop:

Besides Price Matching and Price Adjustment, you can save extra money by joining the Power Rewards Program of GameStop. In this program, GameStop offers customers 20 points for every dollar they spend at GameStop, and when you have 10,000 points, you can save $10 when you shop at GameStop. GameStop offers $5 every month to the members of this reward program.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?’, GameStop offers price matching with only four stores Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, and with its website, When you claim a price drop at GameStop, you should choose the store that is offering the lowest price for that same product to save more money at GameStop. You must have proof that the same product is available at a low cost at these stores. Customers cannot claim price-match for the products that are on sale at GameStop or

  • Does GameStop offer a return for used games?

You can return a used game to GameStop within seven days after purchasing it. You can claim an exchange, return, or refund, but you must have the original receipt of your order.

  • Does GameStop’s price match Amazon’s?

According to GameStop’s price match policy, it does not offer price matching with third-party sellers, stores, or websites.

Does GameStop Price Match Or Price Adjust?

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