Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?

Walmart is famous for its services in the automotive industry. It is well known for its range of products in this sector which makes it ideal for passionate car lovers. Walmart also had a wide range of Super Tech oil products at affordable prices. So the question arises, who makes this range of products for Walmart?, Let’s learn about ‘Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?’.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?

Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?

Walmart Super Tech oil is manufactured by the Warren Oil company INC. Douglas tires are made by Good Year, Supertech Oil Filters are manufactured by the people at Champion labs, and other parts are diversified into a variety of other industries. These parts include brakes, filters, batteries, car lighting, engine cooling, suspension, and more. The manufacturing of many of these parts is entrusted to a single company. However, there are a variety of industries that work together to ensure that Walmart has almost everything regarding the car part industry.

Super Tech Motor Oil: Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?

Super Tech Motor Oil, is produced by Warren Oil Company, INC. This is one of the largest automotive brands that produce lubricants independently in the United States. Although there has been some debate on who manufactures the Oil sold at Walmart, it has been noticed that the large drums containing motor oil have a Stamp of WPP on their bottom side This stamp represents the Warren Oil Company. The Warren Company also sells synthetic and conventional oils under various brand names including Warren Oil, Gold band, and Lubriguard.

Exxonmobil is another company that produces Synthetic Oils. Although they have a complicated history of violating anti-monopoly laws, they produce famous oils used by many. It had estimated revenue of $178 billion in 2020 with over 70,000 employees. One of the most popular oils produced by ExxonMobil is the Mobil 1. This Oil costs approximately four times that of the Super Tech Oil produced by the Warren oil company

Specifications of Walmarts Super Tech Motor Oil

The Super Tech motor Oil is a completely synthetic motor oil that is manufactured by combining a variety of premium base Oils. It also contains additives that are present to enhance and protect engines. The Oil has a standard rating of Dexos 1, and its viscosity meets API specifications of ILSAC GF-6A and SP. The Oil rating also surpasses the previous levels of GM 6094M and GM4718M and keeps up with the GM standards. Moreover, it maintained its comparatively lower costs.

The Oil is considered high quality by customers and has good reviews on Walmart’s official website.

Super Tech Transmission fluid

The Super Tech transformation Fluid (Super Tech Dexron III Automatic transmission Fluid) is also manufactured by the Warren Oil Company, INC. This is a part of the more popular transmission fluids sold at Walmart and is ideal for higher mileage units. It has additives apart from the oil that ensures that the transmission systems run smoothly without hiccups. This fluid is well known for its cost-effective nature and its quality.

Super tech oil Filters

The Super Tech Oil filters are most probably manufactured by Champion Labs. Many of the customers shopping at Walmart have observed that the oil Filters sold at Walmart are identical to the ones sold by Champion Labs. To further prove this point, Champion labs have an official statement that they produce Oil Filters for more than 30 brands with private labels.

Car batteries

Car batteries are manufactured by several different companies that supply Walmart. These include Delphi Automotive MaxStart batteries, Exide automotive batteries, and many more. But some of the most famous battery manufacturers who supply to Walmart are Champion and EverStart. These two companies are the product of the parent company Johnson Controls, a popular and successful American Battery manufacturer.

Car tires

Most Car tires that are produced under private labels are Douglas Tires which are produced by its parent company, Goodyear Tires. Apart from this, Uniroyal Tires, Michelin, and Pirelli’s Tires are also sold by Walmart. This provides customers with low-cost name-brand products.

Brake Pads

Brake Pads can be found in a vast variety on Walmart shelves. These Brake pads are manufactured by many different companies including ACDelco, EBCBrakes, Bosch, Go-Parts, REQUEST, Power Stop, R1 concept, Volar Motorsport, and many more. Walmart also has rear brakes, sliding brakes, ceramic brakes, and other brake-related car parts.

Windshield wipers

Windshield Wipers are a necessity in all cars. They help protect you in rain. Walmart has several companies that provide them with this commodity. These companies include Goodyear, Michelin, Bosche, and Rain-X.


Walmart is not responsible for producing or manufacturing their car parts or Super tech Oil. They outsource this to a variety of famous companies who are well known for their quality products. They provide good quality for an affordable price. Many Walmart customers have attested to the standards of these products and recommend them to other users.


Q)Can Super tech Oil be mixed with other Oils?

A)Some brands of Oil can be mixed with other brands of oil without any issue. However, there are exceptions. Especially when the viscosity of two oils differs, their compatibility should be researched before mixing them.

Q)Does Super Tech have options of oils to choose from?

A)Super Tech has a variety of Oils that fulfill many different requirements. Some are performance-based, while others may fulfill maintenance needs. Overall, you can choose a super oil as per your requirements or specific needs.

Q)Is Super tech more expensive than Mobil 1?

A)Mobil 1 and Supertech are both popular synthetic Oils. They both help engines last longer. However, Mobil 1 can cost as much as four times that of Super tech.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil And Other Car Parts For Walmart?

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