Does Hardee’s Still Have Family Meals? -Know More

When it comes to fast food restaurants, most people don’t think of them as places you could bring your family. But the fact is that many fast food chains now offer options specifically designed for kids. Some even have dedicated “family meals” with kid-friendly menu items and smaller portions that are also more affordable. The question is whether or not Hardee’s still has family meals. Most food chains don’t have programs like “family meals” available to customers. So let’s take a look at whether or not Hardee’s still has family meals available to its customers today. Let us know about “Does Hardee’s Still Have Family Meals?”

Does Hardees Still Have Family Meals?

Hardee’s Currently Doesn’t Offer Family Meals

The key to understanding Hardee’s family meals is to know that they were discontinued in 2012. So what exactly were they? As we mentioned above, Hardee’s discontinued their family meals years ago. So, unfortunately, you’re not able to get a family meal at Hardee’s. But if you want to get a meal for two, you can order two single burgers or two kid-sized meals. And if you want to get a meal for one adult, you can order a single burger or one kid-sized meal.

 Ingredients In Hardee’s Family Meals

The great thing about Hardee’s family meals is that they used the same ingredients as regular burgers. This means that the family meals were made with the same 100% Beef patties as their regular burgers. They also used the same buns and toppings as regular sandwiches and burgers. 

One of the most popular Hardee’s family meals was a two-burger meal that came with a drink and fries. The most interesting factor of the family meal is, they did have ketchup packets available at every table to make them as tasty as possible. Hardee’s family meals were designed to be more affordable than their regular adult meals but still provide the same amount of food. You might even say that eating family meals was like getting two meals for the price of one.

Why Did Hardee’s Discontinue Family Meals?

The unfortunate truth about family meals is that they go out of style. As in, the ones on the Hardee’s menu. The food itself is still there. It’s just that the prices and portions were adjusted to make them more appropriate for kids. But what happened to cause Hardee’s to discontinue family meals? Well, it was discontinued because it wasn’t as popular as the restaurant hoped it would be. Customers were only ordering family meals about 5% of the time. So to save money and make more profits, the company decided to stop offering family meals. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of discontinuing family meals is that you can no longer get the two-burger meal with a drink and fries for the same price as a single burger. So if you want to get two burgers for the price of one, you’ll have to order a regular burger and a single burger for the price of one.

Whether Or Not You Can Get A Family Meal At Hardee’s Depends On Where You Live

As we mentioned above, family meals were discontinued at Hardee’s years ago. So if you want to get a family meal at Hardee’s, you’ll have to ask your server to put one together for you. Now while the family meals at Hardee’s have been discontinued, the company has still been including meals for kids on the menu. As in, you can still order meals for kids at Hardee’s. So if you want to get a kid-friendly meal, you can simply order one of their kid-sized burgers or sandwiches. And if you want to get a meal for two adults, you can order two single burgers or two of the kid’s meals. The only thing you’ll have to remember is that you’ll have to pay double for them.

Hardees’s Home Style Meals

Fast food chains have started to re-emphasized the importance of home-style meals. This has led to a resurgence of family meals at many different fast food establishments. Hardees is one of those that have received a fair amount of attention regarding their new emphasis on wholesome, home-style meals.

Why Do Fast Food Chains Have Kid’s Meals?

Fast food chains have kid’s meals because they want to be kid-friendly. After all, kids are often out with their parents at restaurants. So if a parent is already taking the family out to eat, they’re likely to bring their kids along. So by having kid’s meals available on the menu, fast food chains can keep both parents and their children happy. Parents can get some food while their kids get a meal they enjoy, like chicken nuggets or a hot dog. And since kid’s meals are smaller than adult meals, you can get your meal and a child’s meal for the same price.


In today’s world, most families have busy schedules. As a result, family dinners have become a thing of the past. However, some families have decided to bring back family meals as part of their corporate social responsibility or CSR initiatives. So, does Hardees still offer family meals? According to their website, Hardees discontinued their “entertainment” concept and removed all references to the word “family”. Hence, they no longer offer family meals. However, they do have a kid-friendly option available on their menu. 

Does Hardee’s Still Have Family Meals? -Know More

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