Does Chewy Accept Affirm? -Know More About It

Chewy is a  company based in the United States. The company offers its brand of pet food and supplies, selling all kinds of the high-quality diet, health, and toy products for dogs. Their pet products are comprehensive, including litter, toys, beds, and collars, online and in many stores across the United States. Chewy is not just any ordinary online store; it has a broad selection of high-quality goods at competitive prices. Chewy has been in the business for over 20 years, with outlets in around ten countries, including China. Let us know about “Does Chewy Accept Affirm?”

Does Chewy Accept Affirm?

Does Chewy Accept Affirm?

No, Chewy does not accept Affirm at all. However, the company offers an alternative financing offer of 12 months interest-free on purchases over $49. Chewy allows customers to shop online with various payment plans to select the products they want without making a lump sum payment. You can choose between two options; make monthly payments with continuous charges or make a single, fixed payment of $0 upon delivery of your order.

Chewy Accept Other Buy Now Pay Later Payment Options

The company offers other Buy Now Pay Later options. It can be suitable for customers that want to use a different payment option than Affirm. You can use a credit card to pay for your order or have the company send you an invoice. If you make a payment, the company will offer a one-month interest-free on purchases over $49. 

Chewy also accepts the Zip payment option. If you’re unsure how much it will cost, choose the Zip option. You’ll receive an invoice after you complete your purchase. The Zip payment options are new and can be used in addition to Affirm and other payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or a checking account through online banking.

Chewy Payment Options

You can choose between three payment options based on a monthly subscription plan with Chewy. Depending on your choice, Chewy offers two kinds of instalment plans, either by credit card or bank transfer. Both options are interest-free and can be cancelled by either yourself or the company at any time without fees.

Payment Providers Chewy Accept

Chewy accepts other payment options aside Affirm, including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. If you sign up for their service and use another payment method, you may save money on your purchase.

Chewy Affirm Refund

The Chewy website states that they do not offer refunds. However, they offer a store credit refund with their other Buy Now Pay Later options. You can request a store credit refund if you accidentally purchase on the site and don’t want it anymore. It is especially beneficial for users who have made an accidental purchase due to a mistake. Purchases Made through Affirm are never refundable or returnable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

Will Chewy Accept Affirm In The Future?

Although Affirm has been trying to get a hold of Chewy for years, the company does not appear open to accepting Affirm. It is not surprising because Affirm is an online payment option that does not require any physical presence. If Affirm were to implement an online store and take payments over the Internet without a website or any other way for users to purchase goods physically, it would defeat the purpose of using other payment methods.

Why Chewy Does Not Accept Affirm?

Affirm received a lot of negative criticism from the public. For example, its high-interest rates, fees, and bad customer service are certainly not popular reasons for not wanting to use it. Besides that, many claims that Affirm does not have a bank account and does not have its financial statements linked to its system. Since Affirm is not PCI-DSS compliant, Chewy is unlikely to use it on its online website.

What Chewy Does Accept?

Chewy accepts various payment methods to help you shop at their stores. They offer Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. For your convenience, Chewy also accepts cash payments at their stores in some cities. It means you do not have to order and pick the items up in-store. You can also pay with Zip and PayPal. Most importantly, you can use Chewy with your Affirm account.

Does Chewy Offer Discount Codes?

Yes, Chewy offers discount codes to its customers. They are mainly available to new Chewy customers who sign up for their newsletter or join the company’s loyalty program on the company’s website. Discount codes are available for existing customers as well. You can find active discount codes on their homepage and in promotional emails sent to current members of their loyalty program. The discounts are limited-time offers that help you save on each order you place online at


In conclusion, Chewy does not accept Affirm for online shopping. They offer other products you can buy with the company’s Buy Now Pay Later system. If you want to shop at Chewy, it is important to check out their official terms and conditions and their privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Chewy accept Snap Finance? No, Chewy does not get Snap Finance.

Does Chewy accept PayPal? No, Chewy does not accept PayPal at all. However, you can pay for your orders with two other payment options; Visa and MasterCard.

Does Chewy accept Discover? Yes, Chewy accepts Discover in the United States. 

Does Chewy accept debit cards? Yes, Chewy accepts debit cards in the United States. 

Does Chewy accept cash? No, you cannot use some money to make payments at Chewy.

Does Chewy Accept Affirm? -Know More About It

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