Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds? -Know More About It

Stanley steamer is a privately owned company situated in the United States of America, with its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. This company spreads across 49 States in the United States of America with over 270 franchises across the country. Let us know about “Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds?”

Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds?

Stanley Steemer is the first company in the United States into residential and commercial cleaning of various houseware services, these include but are not limited to washing houses, carpets, window blinds, frames, hardwood, and so on. This company is widely known and it’s a second-to-none cleaning service in the States, with in-house trained personnel. Stanley Steemer cleaning company is a family-owned company and has been in existence since the year 1947 date. Stanley Steemer is a significant company in the United States because it contributes to the development of the States through drastic reduction and control of allergens. This company was awarded certification for their Asthma and Allergy friendly services provided to residents in the United States of America.

Stanley Steemer washes window blinds using various cleaning agents and materials. Their professionally trained personnel are always available to make your blinds clean and sparkling. Scientifically, Stanley Steemer was experimented with and found to remove 94% of household allergens such as prickly, grimes, pet danders, and pollens using ultrasonic blind washing machines, cleaning agents, and hot water. These products used for window blinds cleaning have the potency of removal from home grimes, making the house well disinfected, and window blinds free of pollen and allergens within a short period.

Types Of Blinds And How They Are Cleaned

There are four (4) types of blinds, each with its peculiar method of washing and cleaning agents.

  • Venetian Blinds: This type is with vinyl and aluminum. Cleaning this type of is easy because it doesn’t require any special cleaning agent but soap and water. Venetian Blinds can be cleaned while on the window or taken down. On the window, it can be cleaned easily using a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment if not so dusty but if very dusty, a non-abrasive sponge is used. This sponge is dipped in soapy water, squeezed out, and used to scrub the blinds to clean blinds. While off the window (taken down), Venetian blinds are cleaned outdoors by laying them flat on a plastic sheet with its slats closed flat. For mildly dirty blinds, water pressure is used, to spray and clean but fit requires soapy water and a sponge for cleaning.
  • Roller Blinds: These are smooth and waterproof blinds, coated with vinyl, which can be cleaned just like Venetian blinds, using the same cleaning agents.  For cleaning blinds on windows, the blinds are rolled down to hang straight down. The back and front of the blinds are cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. To clean while taken down, use the same method as that of Venetian blinds.
  • Roman Blinds: The blinds are pleated fabric, when raised and it beautifies the homes. Cleaning Roman blinds do not require much effort because they can be cleaned while hanging on the window. The following are steps to washing Roman blinds:
  • The blinds are unrolled, and a regular vacuum or hand-held one is applied to suction out the debris. This is done in a downward motion down to the bottom and sides which easily attracts areas where stains are present, fabric-friendly stain removal agents are sprayed on the stained area and a clean cloth is used lightly to rub, to have the stains disappear at once.
  • Vertical Blinds: The materials used in making vertical blinds are of two types, either vinyl or fabric. Each of these materials has its unique method and materials used in cleaning. 
  • For vertical blinds made with vinyl, the washing is done similarly to that of Venetian blinds, for deep cleaning, the vanes are removed from the clips at the top. It is then laid on a clean surface and cleaned with a microfiber cloth along the length. Stains are removed using soap and water, then damped with applied does and wiped dry. 
  • Fabric-made vertical blinds, the cleaning requires the vacuum cleaner to be run over the blinds from top to bottom, with a brush attachment to remove dust. For stain removal, the blinds are sprinkled with cleaning solution gently and repeatedly till stains are removed.

Window Blinds Cleaning Materials Used By Stanley Stemeer

As professional cleaners, Stanley Steemer does not just clean blinds with cleaning agents that are not stronger enough to remove dirt they clean based on the type of window and the climate of where the window is. For commercial cleaning, Stanley Steemer uses soap, water, and vinegar, is used to remove dirt such as smudges and fingerprints.

Stanley Steemer Billings For Cleaning Of Blinds

Stanley Steemer billings for cleaning of blinds varies and depends on the number, size of the blinds and type of cleaning to be done. For ultrasonic cleaning, Stanley Steemer charges about $1750 while for a remolded home, $1532 will do. Also, customers can have a bill of $75 per shade and $700 for 15 blinds.


Now we have learnt “Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds?”, Cleaning of blinds is a very thing because it requires time and energy. Therefore, when thinking of cleaning the blinds of your window, it is advisable to get professional cleaners with many years of cleaning experience in both residential and commercial cleaning that can handle the cleaning of residential and commercial blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stanley Steemer do the cleaning of blinds alone?

Stanley Steemer provides cleaning services which include, carpets cleaning, tiles, all glass surfaces in homes and offices, hardwood, and so on.

Does Stanley Steemer provide good services?

Stanley Steemer provides good cleaning services so that the environment is clean, healthy, and hygienic.

Does Stanley Steemer charge for cleaning services rendered?

Stanley Steemer charges for services rendered based on the total area of location and the number of surfaces to be cleaned, the size of the space, and the time it will take to complete the cleaning. 

Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds? -Know More About It

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