Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

The warehouse clubs owned by the American multinational company Costco Wholesale Corporation are only open to registered members. Costco makes it easy for customers to get furniture, tires, and rotisserie chicken. Along with car maintenance, you can also choose from a range of lubricants and motor oils from well-known brands. Let’s learn about ‘Does Costco Do Oil Changes?’.

Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

Does Costco do oil changes?

The Costco website and several consumer magazines say that the store no longer offers oil changes. This is true for all Costco stores in both the US and Canada. The only car services that the retail giant’s warehouses offer right now are services, rotating and balancing tires, and installing and replacing tires. Furthermore, Costco continues to offer discounts on tires, motor oil, and other products related to cars and trucks. A member can also get two $50 Jiffy Lube gift cards for $74.99. (Only available in the U.S.).

What made Costco stop offering oil changes?

Here are a few potential explanations for Costco’s decision to discontinue supplying oil changes:

•Instead of providing highly tailored services, its business strategy focuses on selling products in bulk or at a discount.

•Oil changes used to be done at Costco Tire Centers, which have a sketchy history.

• There is only  space for stores in Costco warehouses.

•Customers were annoyed that their overall experiences in different shops were not the same.

Does Costco sell motor oil?

Although oil changes are no longer available in Costco warehouses, you may still purchase motor oil there or online. Mobil and Castrol are two other brands that you can buy along with Kirkland motor oil from Costco. Prices start at $19.99 and can go up to $56 depending on the type and number you choose.

Prices for oil changes at Costco

The wholesaler first charged $29.99 for a basic oil change and $49.99 for a full synthetic oil change. In the end, Costco raised the price to $59.99. Despite what most people think, these prices were fair, since a normal oil change usually costs between $20 and $55.

If a dealership or an independent business offers extra services, the price of an oil change may go up. As an example, a multi-point inspection would depend on the year and model of the car.

What kinds of services for cars does Costco offer?

Costco’s auto maintenance services are all done at the Tire Centers in its stores. Because of this, they can only offer tire installation, repair, and maintenance. But the services are thorough and don’t cost too much. In fact, for only $18.99 per tire, you can get the following: 

The Costco Wholesale Road Hazard Warranty, lifetime balancing, rotation, and air pressure checks, as well as installation and mounting, are all included.To use Costco’s tire services, you must be a member and have bought your tires from a Costco warehouse or online at Costco.

Where can I find services for cars at Costco?

To use the auto care services offered at one of Costco’s Tire Centers, you must first find the warehouse that is closest to you. To do this, go to the Costco website and use the simple “Find A Warehouse” tool. Simply select your home state or ZIP code to get started.

There will be information about your local Costco warehouses, like where they are and how to get in touch with them. Remember that due to space constraints or other reasons, not all Costco warehouses will include a space for car parts like tires.


Since it began, Costco has changed the way its customers shop both in person and online. It also tried to use the same plan for the rest of its services, but couldn’t. Some people never know for sure why Costco stopped offering oil changes. However, It could have been because they didn’t have enough space for tires and oil changes or because they were worried about having to get rid of too much hazardous waste.  Even though it’s a shame that the big-box store no longer does oil changes, this is great news for other players in the market.


1. How often should you check the oil level?

Check for oil leaks once a month, and if you find any, call a mechanic. Be careful when you take the oil dipstick out of your car, and make sure to wait until it’s cool before wiping up any oil that may have gotten on it.

2. How often should you change the oil in your car?

Though it isn’t strictly necessary, but most automakers recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles.  The year, make, and model of your automobile, your driving style, and the kind of engine oil you use will all influence when you need to replace the oil again. For instance, you may go longer between oil changes if synthetic oil takes longer to lose its viscosity.

3. When should synthetic oil be used?

Most mechanics recommend using synthetic oil if you often go on short trips. Still, the best way to find out how much oil your car needs is to look at the car’s manual. It costs a lot, so only buy it if you need it.

Does Costco Do Oil Changes?

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