Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

Barnes & Noble is the biggest retail bookstore in the world and a prominent distributor of content, digital media, and educational items. The firm has been established for nearly 150 years and is one of the top book dealers. If you are considering buying some books from Barnes & Noble, you may want to check if they offer Apple Pay.

Barnes & Noble discontinued taking Apple Pay. However, since it is so difficult to obtain precise information on every location, it is good to use Apple Maps to search for the business you want to shop in and verify whether they take Apple Pay or not. Though Apple Pay is no longer an option, this is still an extensive list of payment options. Even though it lacks digital payment methods, it offers its clients a decent assortment.

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

About Barnes & Noble Company

It is a virtual bookshop that sells Books, NOOK eBooks, and magazines. The company owns and operates over 600 Barnes & Noble shops in 50 states and, one of the most successful Internet e-commerce sites.

Elliott Advisors (UK) Limited, the Managing Director of Waterstones shops and the creator and owner of Daunt Books, owns Barnes & Noble. In 1971, businessman Leonard Riggio bought the Barnes and Noble trade name and firm on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The headquarters of the corporation are in New York, New York.

Is Apple Pay Accepted at Barnes & Noble?

Although there may be some exceptions, Apple Pay is no longer accepted in Barnes & Noble stores. It has officially ceased accepting Apple Pay. Use Apple Maps to find the store where you want to shop. It will help you to determine if Apple Pay is accepted.

On April 24th, 2018, it began accepting all forms of mobile money but had since shifted its focus without reason. Taking away support for paying using a mobile wallet is unnecessary.

But Barnes & Noble still takes PayPal, akin to Apple Pay. You may also use it as a digital wallet and choose your preferred payment method.

Barnes & Noble Accepted Payment Options?

While mobile wallets cannot be used to make payments, other payment methods are available, which include:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • The Diners Club 
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Amex Cards
  • E-Gift cards

In addition to Visa and MasterCard, you may now use American Express or buy a Barnes & Noble gift card or e-gift card using your AmEx account. It should be noted that they cannot be combined with other items and must be used alone to buy the gift card.

E-Gift Cards, Online Gift Cards, and PayPal cannot be used to purchase rental books, E-magazines, or E-newspapers.

How Does Apple Pay Work at Barnes & Noble?

Barnes & Noble makes it easy to use Apple Pay with a few simple steps. You can use the method below for books and others if they start accepting it in the future.

Take all your products to the cashier to complete your purchase.

Open your Apple iPhone and use Face/Touch ID to authenticate your identity.

Pick your preferred payment method at the register.

Barnes & Noble has installed contactless readers in all its stores so customers can make fast transactions.

Does Barnes & Noble Accept Apple Pay on their Website?

Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble’s website does not offer Apple Pay as a payment option. Prominent book retailers for online purchases do not accept several mobile payment methods. It means you won’t be able to use your Apple Pay app or account to pay for orders made on the Barnes & Noble website.

Barnes & Noble’s internet purchasing procedure says Apple Pay is not a payment option. However, you can select from the many other additional ways to pay for purchases on the Barnes & Noble website.


Barnes & Noble does not accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, many bookshops do not accept Apple Pay. The only way to use Apple Pay to purchase books is to do it digitally. You can continue using Apple Maps to determine if Apple Pay is accessible. 

They used to accept Apple Pay, but that has changed. It no longer takes Apple Pay and only allows PayPal as a digital payment option. Thanks to the rise of the digital wallet, buying things at Barnes & Noble is now a simpler and safer process.


1 Can I use cash at Barnes & Noble to pay?

No issue if you’d like to shop online at Barnes & Noble but don’t have the cash on hand! You can buy a Barnes & Noble Gift Card at any store and spend it at

2. Does Barnes & Noble offer installment plans?

Zip, previously Quad pay, allows you to pay for your next Barnes & Noble purchase over six weeks in four interest-free payments.

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

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