Does Stanley Steemer Clean Basement Floors? -Know More

Since you are already aware of Stanley Steemer’s ability to wash and clean carpets and rugs for homes and other residential areas. You’ve likely used their services previously but want basement floor cleaning service and doubt that “Does Stanley Steemer Clean Basement Floors?”

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Basement Floors?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Basement Floors?

Stanley Steemer cleans the floors in the basement. In addition, Stanley Steemer cleans the floors of hotels, rooms, and other similar places. Stanley Steemer provides a wide range of floor cleaning services by employing the most trained people with advanced cleaning techniques and equipment. Go further than basement steam cleaning to include an extraction method using hot water for deep fiber cleaning in carpets, rugs, and floors.

What Services Does Stanley Steemer Provide?

Stanley Steemer is a company that cleans tile, carpet, hardwood floors, grout, upholstery, and air ducts. The company provides cleaning supplies for homes and offices and water damage restoration services. It was established in 1947 in Dublin, Ohio.Stanley Steemer is a leading carpet and other cleaning service company in Dublin for over 70 years.

Stanley Steemer is more than just carpet cleaners. They also clean the various types of basement floors. Their technicians have specific training to clean, identify, and treat all surfaces and tile, including carpet, upholstery, and hardwood. Moreover, Expect exceptional results and quality service when our classic yellow van reaches your business or home.

What To Expect From Stanley Steemer Floor Cleaning Service?

Relocation Of Furniture 

Stanley Steemer crew will ask you to remove any valuable or fragile items from the place and secure any pets before the floor cleaning. They will handle the majority of the furniture relocation.

Examination Of floor

When the Stanley Steemer technicians arrive at your home or business place, they will start the inspection of the floors that need to be cleaned; the technicians will begin examining the floor’s overall condition and any areas of concern. Stanley Steemer technicians also will walk you through the entire process. They will carefully move your furniture; then, they will begin the floor cleaning.

Different Processes Of Floor Cleaning

Stanley Steemer technicians clean the floors with their classic hot-water extraction method and with different high-pressure water cleaning processes. These strong floor cleaning methods remove dust, dirt, and other germs.

Floor Maintenance

Stanley Steemer provides maintenance coats, deodorizers, and protectants as needed depending on your floor cleaning services. After that, they will relocate your furniture to its original location.

Final Inspection

At last, the technicians will conduct a final inspection of the floor to ensure customer satisfaction. When the technicians leave, they will inform you of the relevant floor drying times and the care instructions for the following services.

Types Of Floor Cleaning Services Stanley Steemer Provide 

Although the Stanley Steemer name is famous for carpet cleaning services, now they offer a wide range of floor cleaning services for your home or business. They have the expertise to clean hard surfaces such as concrete floors, engineered wood, hardwood, and laminate. With their specialized training, technicians can easily identify your flooring and use the most effective cleaning methods.

Hardwood Cleaning 

The Stanley Steemer technicians check and clean hardwood floors, such as laminate, engineered wood, LVT, VCT, and linoleum.

With attention, they inspect areas that require extra care.

Stanley Steemer technicians use the high-speed scrubber to clean the floors containing the ph balanced liquid solutions, which extract all the dust and dirt from hardwood floors.

Tile Cleaning 

A rotary vacuum system and high water pressure are combined with rinsing and cleaning the grout and tiles thoroughly. According to their company data, the Stanley Steemer grout and tile cleaning removes 96.5% of regular home allergens.

Stone Cleaning 

Stanley Steemer technicians are well trained to clean and identify natural stones such as marble, limestone, travertine, slate, flagstone, granite concrete, Saltillo, and terrazzo. To extract the grime and dirt, they use a high-pressure rotary wand, helping you to extend the life of your valuable stone floors.


Stanley Steemer is a cleaning company that fulfills the requirements of home and business cleaning services and gives equally good results.

Specializes in cleaning rugs, carpets, and floors. Stanley Steemer can clean the rugs, feet, and carpets in your home and office to your requirements. They clean the basement, garages, rooms, and corridors.

Moreover, Stanley Steamers provides a special discount for regular customers. They can save quite a lot of money by using the discount offers. No doubt Stanley Steemer is very thoughtful of its customers.


Does Stanley Steemer clean concrete floors?

Stanley Steemer provides the services of cleaning concrete floors. Moreover, They also clean Granite, shale, Travertine, Limestone floors, and Marble. Stanley Steemer also offers cleaning services on Flagstone, Saltillo, and Terrazzo. Every service provided by trained people provides customers with the desired experience.

Q: Does Stanley Steemer use any toxic chemicals?

Stanley Steemer does not use any toxic chemicals. They use safe chemicals for the environment and for the place of material that needs to be washed. These chemicals have been specially created to remove dirt completely.

Apart from using safe chemicals while cleaning, Stanley Steemer also does the clean-up of chemicals after their services. So no harmful chemical waste or traces are left after cleaning.

To have a safe environment, they neutralize the chemicals. These chemicals are suitable for cleaning purposes and only are strong enough to remove the dirt while keeping the environment safe.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Basement Floors? -Know More

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