Target Apple Watch Return Policy

Target corporation is an American departmental store and they are known to be the seventh largest retail store in the United states. This store is known as a general store that offers different merchandise like grocery items, health or cosmetics, clothing or shoes, electronics, and home items. Target works revolve around their commitment, and that is to greet their customers and bring ease, inspiration, and joy from just shopping with them. This commitment has been proving successful right from its establishment date till recently. Let us know more detail about ‘Target Apple Watch Return Policy’.

Target Apple Watch Return Policy

Target Apple Watch Return Policy

However, when it comes to buying and returning goods like Apple products, what is the policy that governs it? Does Target have a returned policy for their Apple Watch? Apple Watch is one of the most common products produced by Apple for customers who enjoyed the company of their products.  Sometimes, these Apple products can develop a fault after all technology is 98% efficient, and the remaining 2% can be a result of technical glitches. The next available thing you can do if your Apple Watch develops fault is to return the product. The return policy that governs Apple Watch stated that Apple watches bought in a physical or online store can be returned 15 days after purchase or 45 days if they make use of a Target voucher as their purchase payment. The receipts payment must be shown and verified as proof of purchase if the products have been opened before returning them.

Rules That Govern Target Return Policy

There are rules and regulations all customers of Targets must be aware of before returning a product bought from their store. These policies ascertain that their return policy is real, and they can guide you to receive your refund genuinely.  

Therefore, if you are willing to learn more about this policy you should read further:

All Apple products bought from their store must be returned or exchanged within 15 calendar days of you receiving them. All products have the leisure of being returned to any region in the United States

All Target items bought from target stores are available for refund or exchange for up to a whole year after the purchase of the products. All other electronics and musical devices that are not Apple products are allowed to be returned or exchanged within 30 days of their purchase

Can I return After 15 days of being Purchased? 

The standard return policy of all electronic devices is 30 days meanwhile Apple products like the Apple Watch and similar devices are expected to be returned or traded within 15 days. After 15 days, the Target store will not accept any return products, but they can choose to compensate you with a merchandise card whose value is almost similar to the Apple device you refund, and it can only be used in their store. 

However, if you make use of the Target card to purchase products, you will be given a return interval of 45 days,  this starts counting after your purchase date. Products bought during promo or black Friday may warrant a new return policy. 

Do Target Accept an Opened or Faulty Apple Watch?

Not all target stores accept a returned opened Apple watch, but those stores that accept a returned opened watch will request proof of evidence of its purchase, and a government-issued photo ID before it is accepted. All opened products must contain the complete accessories present in the purchase (e.g) a charger, or apple watch strap.

For faulty apple watches, you can return them to their customer support service desk or by containing their customer support service through the following numbers 1-800-591-3869 for you to talk to them about how to return their purchased products. Proof of evidence of its purchase and government-issued ID card will be asked for verification


Target Apple watch return policy states that it should be delivered within 15 days of it being acquired, and returning it after the said period will make your Apple watch not be accepted. All information you need about returning the Apple devices has been explained in this article

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is Target’s return policy after 90 days?

After 90 days, you have a no receipt return because your receipt has now become invalid but assuming you have not gone over your NRR limit, you can get what is on the item’s lowest price in the last 90 days, and this is from a product card, which is a bit more limited than a gift card.

  • Can Target deny returns?

Yes, the target can accept returns. Their return policy should be on the receipt, if not, you will find it on their website. This is basic in return policy.

Target Apple Watch Return Policy

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