Does Home Depot Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?

Home Depot is an American retail store known for selling home supplies to consumers and businesses. They majorly function to help consumers acquire their desired home improvement using their modern home appliances for decoration. You can always find home improvement tools like garden centers, outdoor power equipment, rugs, power tools, hand tools, construction equipment, refrigerator, bathroom vanities, hand tools, patio furniture, Smart Home devices, and many more. Home Depot is also known for recycling and refilling hardware tools that are used to light up your fireplace and grills, but what happens when your propane tanks get exhausted? Can home depot refill it or exchange the tanks for you? You will have to read this article to find out, So Let us know more detail about ‘Does Home Depot Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?’.

Does Home Depot Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?

Does Home Depot Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?

No, home depot does not fill propane tanks, but they do exchange propane tanks at an affordable price. Although some of the home depot stores do the opportunity to refill propane tanks because it is a proper recycling process why do other stores allow buying a new, full propane tank to avoid spilling propane into the new environment. If you are exchanging propane tanks with old tanks then the exchanging process will cost $20.97, but if you are buying a new, full propane tank you will be asked to pay an amount that is not less than $50.97. How will you know which of the type you should opt for when your propane tanks get exhausted?

How Much Does It Cost To Exchange Propane Tanks At Home Depot?

As with other fuels, you will find out that the prices of filling or exchanging propane tanks vary according to the location of the store you went to. But Generally, to exchange propane tanks of 20-pounds at home depot you are expected to pay a small fee of $20.97 per exchange with old tanks and if you choose to buy a new propane tank entirely, you will be charged a total sum of $50.97 or above. The factors that affect those prices are not other than the type of propane you want and the location you are exchanging it from

What Brand Can You Get From Home Depot? 

It has been stated above that the brands you purchase at Home Depot are also part of the factors that determine the price you are to pay. So what are the common propane tanks brands you will find at Home Depot? The common brand you will find at Home Depot Include Amerigas, Flame King, Endless Summer, Worthington, etc. You can also go to their website to find out other brands of propane tanks your local Home Depot store do sell.

How To Exchange Your Propane Tanks At Home Depot?

It is very important to understand the steps required in exchanging an old propane tank with a new one in other to avoid unnecessary complaints from customers. Failure to understand the process can be dangerous, you will be able to exchange your propane tanks at a reduced cost, but if you want to refill the old tanks the price will be lesser compared to the latter. The following steps should be taken once you get to home depot stores to exchange your propane tanks

  • All propane tanks brought in by customers should be dropped outside the stores before any customers can take a step into the store
  • Go to their cashier location to inform them that you will like to purchase an exchange of your propane tanks
  • A receipt will be given to you by a cashier, and this receipt contains a 6-digit code at the bottom of the invoice
  • This receipt is meant to be taken to the kiosk located beside home depot. You will find a lot of propane tanks in that kiosk
  • Instructions will be posted on the kiosk, and that information will list the steps required in exchanging a new propane tank. You can not have access to this information without you entering the 6-digit code given to you by the cashier 
  • A new tank will be inside the cage, and you are expected to swap your old tanks with the new ones before closing the cage

What Other Stores Exchange or Refill Propane Tanks?

You need to be aware of other stores that offer services like refilling and exchanging propane tanks, especially when you are camping or traveling, and it is essential to fill up your propane gas before getting to your destinated location. Or if the store you used does not have enough propane tanks as you expected. Those stores are

  • Costco
  • Chevron
  • U-Haul
  • Amerigas
  • Ace Hardware
  • Endless Summer
  • Flame King
  • Ferrelgas
  • Tractor supply co.


Home Depot does not refill gas, but they are known to exchange gas at a reduced cost. You also have the privilege of buying an entirely new tank rather than exchanging one. The steps required in exchanging tanks and the reason it is important to exchange tanks rather than refilling has been explained in this article

Does Home Depot Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?

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