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The well-known Target Corporation was established in America almost a century ago. It has been growing throughout the years, and as a result, it is now among the biggest American retailers. Both in-person and online purchases are accepted. Only American businesses are targeted. Therefore, it is not a global enterprise. The Target Corporation operates during specific hours, much like any other company. This indicates that Target’s businesses are not open around-the-clock. Several times, people have asked what time the Target store opens.

Target Hours Near Me - Know More

Target Hours Near Me?

As was already mentioned, It is not an always-open business. The firm operates for a set time. Targeted stores often open in the morning and close in the evening hours. This is the routine from Saturday to Saturday. It typically opens at 8 a.m. on weekdays and depending on the state in which the store is located, it closes at a different time. A one-hour difference separates states where stores close at 10 p.m. from those where they close at 9 p.m.

There are several circumstances where Targeted stores’ regular business hours may be disrupted. Customers are typically informed whenever this happens. These situations are not common, though. But the majority of Target businesses close at 10:00 p.m.

Target hours on weekends: opening and closing hours.

The target hours on the weekends differ from those during the weekdays. There is a small difference. For instance, the stores open at 8 a.m. on Saturdays and close at around 11 p.m. This indicates that Saturdays are longer by a whole hour. The fact that so many people are visiting the stores on this day is the key justification for adding this hour. They have extra time to complete their purchases as a result. On Sundays, Target typically closes. This explains why the majority of Targeted stores will be closed on this particular day.

Weekend Target hours are listed in the table below.

Day Opening hours (morning hours)Closing hours (closing hours)
Saturday8:00 a.m.11:00 p.m.
Sunday Closed Closed 

Holiday Working Hours

It has been brought up multiple times if It is open on holidays. To prepare for your holiday shopping, it’s important to know whether Targeted shops will be open. Unlike other businesses, Targeted stores are open during most of the holidays. There are only three holidays that Target stores are known to be closed on. These are:

  1. Christmas Day
  2. Easter Sunday, and
  3. Thanksgiving Day

At what time is ideal for Target shopping?

On weekday mornings, the best times to shop at Target are.

The reason for this is that the business is certain to remain open during the week and there isn’t as much of a throng as there is on weekends.

If Target is closed, you can go to the following stores:

Several other retailers are open if you discover that Target is closed. Some examples are as follows:

  •  Walmart
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Amazon 


In conclusion, one of the companies that are growing more quickly is Target. It is based in the United States and doesn’t do business abroad. It operates according to its hours, just like any other company. As was already mentioned, Targeted stores are open every day of the week. That includes Monday through Saturday. If unavoidable circumstances arise, there can be adjustments. Except for Saturdays, when the opening and closing times are both changed to 11:00 p.m., most Targeted locations open at 8 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. On Sundays, Targeted stores are closed. On Sunday, the stores won’t be open. It is open on holidays, in contrast to other businesses. Only three holidays are excluded from Target’s hours of operation. These are Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who owns Target?

People are asking about the ownership of Target because of how quickly the firm is growing. It has been owned by Dayton’s family ever since it opened in the early 1990s. Although it started as a department store, it has grown into one of the most well-known companies in America.

  1. Which kinds of products are sold at Target?

There are many different things available at Target, which is a large business. This guarantees that clients will have access to a wide variety of goods and services. Clothing, electronics, cosmetics, health care items, pets, and cereals are just a few of the items available at Targeted stores. Professional ear piercing, eye services, nail painting, and facial services are just a few of the services offered at Targeted stores.

  1. Does Target allow internet purchases?

It also runs an online store. This implies that a person can shop online at Target. Like Amazon, the procedure is quite straightforward. The only thing you have to do is register for a Targeted account and order the item you want. The item will be delivered to a Target store close by, where you can pick it up. Customers may return an item they purchased from Target within a predetermined time frame thanks to their return policy.

Target Hours Near Me – Know More

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