Target Starbucks- Everything You Need to Know

Target and Starbucks were two different companies before 1999, but they both formed a partnership in 1999, according to the partnership, Target Company can sell the items of Starbucks menu items at its stores, and customers get all the menu items at Target. But all the Target stores do not offer Starbucks products. Both Target and Starbucks are working together at almost 1,100 locations in the U.S. Let us know more detail about ‘Target Starbucks’.

Target Starbucks

Target Starbucks

Starbucks is famous for its Arabica coffee and roasting, which Starbucks itself originates and provides to its customers.

You can get all the products of Starbucks, such as coffee, roasted, fries, toast, and all others, at certain stores that come under the partnership with Starbucks.

You can place your Starbucks order with the it’s app. You can add items even while your order is on its way to delivery. You can check the status of your order from Starbucks on the Target app.

At it, Starbucks refills your drinks like hot coffee, cold brew, tea, and iced coffee, and for this, you only need to install the Starbucks app, but they will not refill any specialty drinks.

You can use your Starbucks card at it’s stores to order a beverage, and then for free refills, you must use the same Starbucks card or Starbucks account in the app.

Starbucks menu items:

Here is a list of some menu items that you can enjoy at stores as well as Starbucks stores, and you can place your orders using the website or app of both:

  • Cinnamon Dolce beverage
  • Coffee Drink
  • Mocha Drink
  • Bold Pick of the Day
  • Caffe Misto –
  • Clover brewed coffee
  • Coffee Traveler
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot White Chocolate
  • Caffe Americano

it has many more menu items from Starbucks that we can get at it’s stores and enjoy our time at both of these places.

Starbucks as a target:

The business hours of it depend on a few things, such as the location of the store, festive season, and availability of workers, but almost all the stores are open between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. You can use the Starbucks store locator to know the exact timing of it. The store locator of Starbucks shows the business hours of all Starbucks stores according to its website. it closes with Target stores, and it will not open till the Target store opens. They also follows the same policy as when Target is closed, Starbucks will also close its store.

Starbucks refills and offers from Target:

When you shop, you have a Starbucks Rewards membership, you can get a free refill on some selected drinks. If you have gift cards, then you can use them to pay your bills and if you purchase your first drink from Starbucks. You have a Starbucks card or its app, for refilling, show it again to receive a refill at the store. If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, you can avail free refills on all the drinks at all the Starbucks locations, and you can also get discounts on all the drinks or products of it.

Refill is available only till you are at Target Store but when you leave the store. You cannot ask to refill after coming back to the Target store.

Does Target Offer Real Starbucks Products?

They offers real products from Starbucks, but do you know that Starbucks has a partnership with it? It means that Starbucks has provided the license to Target so that they can serve the menu items to the customers. it is not an official location of Starbucks, but Target is only allowed to sell its products. The people who serve Starbucks products to the customers at the Target store are Target employees. It is known as Target Starbucks.

If there is any difference between Both locations,

Most of the time, the menus of Starbucks and it’s are the same, but it may change when enough items are unavailable at the store, or sometimes it may vary because Starbucks offers a wide range of menu items. It changes according to the season and occasion.

As you know, it is a retail store, and it sells many items which you can purchase at their store, so along with Starbucks items, you can enjoy your shopping.

If you have a RedCard, then you can avail a 5% discount on all the items and merchandise.

How can you save money?

You can follow some of these steps to save some money at Target and Starbucks:

  • You can use Target and Starbucks gift cards to pay your bill and thus save some money.
  • If you are a Starbucks Reward member, then save money as you can get cash back, rewards points, loyalty points, and discounts on different products.
  • it’s RedCard and Target Circle are two more methods by following which you can use to save some money because you can get a 5% discount on each product, and it’s Circle is an advantageous way of saving money.


they are two separate companies, but they formed a partnership between them according to which it’s stores can sell all the products of Starbucks at their stores. For refills of different drinks offered by Starbucks, such as hot coffee, cold coffee, tea, and many more, you must have the Starbucks app or its rewards membership plan. You purchase any drink. You will get a refill offer. it offers a loyalty program, cash back, discounts, and a few more benefits from Target to Starbucks.

Target Starbucks- Everything You Need to Know

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