Victoria’s Secret Competitors – Know More

Who hasn’t heard of Victoria’s Secret? The giant American lingerie brand has been very successful in attracting the attention of a larger section of people. It is one of the most successful lifestyle brands in the world, with more than 1070 stores across the world.
Victoria’s Secret’s top competitors include Bath & Body Works, ThirdLove, Nordstorm, True & Co, etc. It is ranked 2nd in terms of diversity score compared to competitors. The company went down in sales after the marketing chief stated that transgender models have no place in their company, which resulted in a downfall in their profits, which gave its competitors an edge to proceed over Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria's Secret Competitors - Know More

Victoria’s Secret competitors

Fredericks of Hollywood offers a creative lingerie style like body stockings, chemises, corsets, etc. It includes products for plus-sizes as well.Bluebella has a wide collection of bras and modern lingerie. These products make you feel confident. They are famous for their typical racy designs. Its products are made of high-quality materials. It’s perfect for the gym, school, college, or work. Their products are sold on Nordstorm, ASOS, and revolving. Aerie-the brand is dedicated to creating comfortable bras, panties, and other loungewear pieces for real women. The brand is perfect for teenagers, just like Victoria’s Secret, but it is much more affordable. Intimissimi: this brand is focused on lingerie, knickers, bras, and PJs for men and women. The brand offers high-quality products. It tends towards more neutral colors than Victoria’s Secret’s brightly colored products. Adore me—this brand offers sleepwear, activewear, loungewear, bathing suits, etc. besides bras. It features the popular period a subscription-based lingerie boutique 

Biggest competitors of Victoria’s Secret

Calvin Klein

It is a well-known name in the fashion business around the world. It was founded years ago and deals in all kinds of apparel, accessories, perfumes, and other beauty products. It has over 4,000+ stores. You can shop for your entire wardrobe in Calvin Klein, whereas you can only shop for lingerie in Calvin Klein stores. CK started its first lingerie line in 1971. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Dnatalia Vodianova support CK, while Victoria’s Secret has Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele Bundchen lined up.

Savage x Fenty

This brand was introduced by Rihanna and targets audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and body types. Rihanna started this brand about 3 years ago in collaboration with the top tech fashion brand. Its marketing campaign features models with their real bodies, no Photoshop. It’s the best alternative to Victoria’s Secret lingerie. It even includes a wide collection of men. It can also be accessed through membership but has also managed to collect a net worth of $1 billion. Its profit is extremely profitable.


It’s best for people who are a little chubbier. Victoria’s Secret sizes range from 30 to 48, which far exceeds Victoria’s Secret sizes. It was founded in November 2013 in San Francisco, CA. It was initially started as a startup by the husband-wife duo. Its revenue has crossed $750 million and the company has even become a part of Forbes. The barn is known for both comfort and style. The famous half-cup bra was manufactured and conceptualized by this specific brand only. It also installed an app that allows you to measure your bra size at home.


The brand is known for its unique and patentable designs. The revenue expanded by over $400 million. It targets a smaller niche market of pantyhose and briefs. Spanx has a lot of potentials and is expected to grow more.


It is a Japanese brand that started in the year 1949. It started by distributing its items as undergarments to Japanese women. Its revenue is somewhere around $250 million.


Founded in 1876, Jockey is among the oldest undergarment brands. Products are designed for mass production of long-lasting products rather than fashion. Products are very comfortable as well. The company’s revenue is more than $440 million.


It is a relatively new lingerie company, established in 2004, but it provides a greater range of products. The brand is known for the quality of its fabrics. Its revenue is close to $245 million.


The top competitors of Victoria’s Secret are Calvein Klein, Soma, Jockey, Wacoal, etc. Victoria’s Secret saw a decline in revenue over the last few years. But the giant is looking for some changes. Combining readjustment with body fit experience, there’s a possibility of reclaiming its position as the go-to bra and underwear. Many competitors are providing the best quality clothes, which are fit for audiences of all ages, races, and sizes.


What is the revenue of Victoria’s Secret? 

Answer- This brand’s revenue starts at Rs. 1184 cores USD.

Which age group does Victoria Secret target? 

Answer- The brand targets the age group of 13-29 years and women of the age group of 30-50 years.

Is victoria secret fast fashion? 

Answer- Yes, it is a fast-fashion brand.      

Victoria’s Secret Competitors – Know More

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