Victoria’s Secret’s Competitive Advantage

Get to know about Victoria’s Secret’s Competitive Advantage.

A man named Roy Raymond wanted to buy lingerie for his wife. His trip to the departmental store soon became awkward. He was presented with tacky fabric and unflattering designs. His awful experience prompted him to create a brand that was solely dedicated to intimate wear. This is how Victoria’s Secret was born. 

Victoria's Secret's Competitive  Advantage

In 1977, Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye Raymond opened the first Victoria’s Secret store in California. The store generated over $500,000 in its first year. The store expanded from a headquarters and a warehouse to four new store locations. In 1983, Les Wexner bought Victoria’s Secret for $1 million

Today Victoria’s Secret is the world’s leading retailer of women’s lingerie. It has stores all over the world and holds a 40% market share of the intimate apparel industry. Victoria’s secret has outsmarted brands and has become one of the leading lingerie stores in the world. 

Victoria’s secret’s competitive advantage

Victoria’s secret has become a powerful brand over the years. it is a part of the L brand which also owns bath and body works, La Senza. 

Victoria’s secret- history.

Victoria’s secret revolutionized the intimate apparel industry. Before Victoria’s Secret was born, lingerie shopping was confined to a dusty corner in a departmental store. Dominated by players like fruits of loom, Jockey, and Hanes. They produced unflattering products sold in a pack of three. Push-up bras and lacy underwear were limited to specialty shops like Frederick’s of Hollywood. 

Victoria’s secret is aimed at creating a space where men feel comfortable buying lingerie. The whole concept was a novelty at that time. It certainly gave the company an advantage, which has set strong precedence over the year. 

Victoria’s Secret- as a brand

‘Powerful, glamorous and sexy’ Victoria’s secret brand is built around these core values. 

Victoria’s secret was named after Queen Victoria. Striking an association with the refined Victorian era. The secret refers to what is beneath the clothes.

The name itself is alluring. Victoria’s Secret brand has become a symbol of femininity and sensuality. The diamond-crusted bras and the famous runway shows have made Victoria’s Secret popular. The brand showcases its product better than its competitors. 

Victoria’s Secret store

Imagine going to a mall, and walking past Victoria’s Secret store. Bright pink color, sexy lingerie, and beautiful interiors. The store looks warm and inviting. The moment you enter Victoria’s Secret store, it looks luxurious. 

Victoria’s Secret is a specialty brand. It has emphasized creating a pleasurable customer experience.  

Shopping in Victoria’s secret feels luxurious. The store has an expensive and relaxed vibe. The store is strategically covered in pink and black colors and furnished with plush Victorian-style furniture. 

The employees are well trained and maintain a hospitable and cooperative demeanor. Fitting rooms are extremely inviting. It is designed in a manner that makes clothes trial comfortable and intimate. 

Victoria’s Secret falls in the category of affordable luxury fashion brands.  Even when the world has become digital, a great customer experience can help a brand grow manifolds. Victoria’s Secret offers an exquisite customer experience, creating a loyal customer base. The company has focused on building brand loyalty

Victoria’s Secret has nearly 1400 stores worldwide.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’

Victoria’s Secret runway show is the most anticipated fashion show, that has created a lot of buzz over the year. The supermodels are called ‘Angels’, making them seem more ethereal and elusive. It is the brand’s unique way of advertising.

Victoria’s secret extravagant runway shows are straight out of a reverie. The scantily-clad ‘Angel’ and feathery wings create a fascinating image for its customers. It creates a fantasy that has attracted customers all over the world. Shopping from Victoria’s Secret feels like buying from a supermodel’s wardrobe.

Victoria’s Secret product

Victoria’s Secret has created a rich legacy. They are the creator of ‘wonder bra’ in 1994. 

Unlike its competitors, Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of products. It is not confined to lingerie but also offers incredible beauty products that include lotions, makeup, hair products, and fragrances. 

The lingerie section includes a range of intimate wear, presented in appealing colors and patterns. Pink is a part of Victoria’s Secret. It is affordable intimate apparel, mainly targeting teens as their primary customers.

Victoria’s secret trends

Victoria’s Secret has always been a trendsetter.

The world is rapidly changing and so are the consumer trends. Consumers are more aware and informed. consumer trends have changed for the better. with a more realistic and body-positive approach, Victoria’s Secret is also changing

Victoria’s Secret has undergone a complete rebranding. The brand’s new initiative, the VS collective has become more size-inclusive. the brand has recently hired plus-sized models. It has introduced a new line of maternity bras. The website has also changed by including models of different ethnicities, and various body types

Victoria’s Secret’s Competitive Advantage

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