Is Macy’s Ventura Closing? -Know More

With the increase in the rate at which people shop online nowadays, physical stores are not faring well enough. This is making large supermarkets like Macy’s close up shop in some areas. Macy’s is one of the top-rated department stores that provide brand-name clothing, home furnishings, accessories, and housewares for sale. Let us know about “Is Macy’s Ventura Closing?”

Is Macy’s Ventura Closing?

Is Macy’s Ventura Closing?

Macy’s is generally reducing the number of its department stores all over the country and this may affect the store closest to you. The reason for downsizing is to be able to streamline their services. Incidentally, Macy’s decision to close about 125 of its department stores including some of Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury predates COVID-19. Although we can say that the pandemic further solidified that decision to 100% surety, the truth is Macy’s closed about 40 of its stores in 2016. So, this is nothing new where Macy’s is concerned!

The good news though is that only a fifth of the entire stores owned by Macy’s are closing up. So, you may be in luck that the one nearest to you will still be in operation. Let’s do a quick survey of the important information for your favorite brand-name store.

The Reason Why Macy’s Is Closing Large MMalls

In a statement released by Macy’s, the department store is closing up some of its larger malls where different retail activities are being carried out for one major reason. This reason is that they want to open up smaller stores that are easier for people to reach. The goods and services being provided in these stores depend on the demand for them in that particular locality.

How Does Macy’s Decide Which Store To Close?

Downsizing is a way by which large corporations all over the world reduce their overhead and increase profit. Whether you like it or not, it is one of the reasons why Macy’s is closing up shops in some areas. However, there is a process to their decision. It is not random. Here is a list of what Macy’s considers before closing up shop in particular locations.

  1. Every department store has to lease a shop for at least 10 years to be able to operate from that outlet. If the prospect of such a location is not looking good or does not show a positive likelihood to be better in another ten years, Macy’s may decide not to renew. Just like that, the shop is closed!
  2. All businesses monitor their performance through cash flow. So, if the cash flow in a store does not merit continual operation, Macy’s closes it up for good.
  3. Another reason why Macy’s may decide to close up shop in an area is if another company wishes to acquire such a location and the money they are offering for it is prime compared to its present worth. It does not matter whether the store is underperforming or not, they make the sale.  It is a good business strategy, any way you look at it.

The bottom line is that closing some stores for Macy’s is a business decision to boost their profit margin.

Macy’s Stores That Are Slated For Closure In 2022

If you are wondering if the Macy’s nearest to you may close up, here is a list of the stores that have been slated for closure this year.

  1. Puente Hills store in California
  2. Streets store at SouthGlenn Colorado
  3. San Jacinto store, including the Furniture Clearance Center in Texas
  4. Twenty Ninth Street store in Colorado
  5. Lee’s Summit store in Missouri
  6. Brookwood Village store in Alaska

Why The Macy’s Slated For Closure May Still Be Open

As said earlier, Macy’s wants to close up shop in about 125 stores. What they are doing so far is not close all up at once. So, if the Macy’s nearest you were on the list provided by Macy’s, then it is just a matter of when. Some of them will still close before the end of 2022 and into 2023.

Options to use when your nearest Macy’s closes up shop for good

If the nearest Macy’s to you has been closed, you can use any of the following options –

  1. Visit Macy’s online store and make your purchase from there. The drawback to this is that returning any faulty product might be difficult.
  2. Commute to another Macy’s if it is not too far away and you have a substantial purchase to make.
  3. Check out other highly-rated department stores that could serve your urgent needs.


Now we have learnt “Is Macy’s Ventura Closing?”, Macy’s closing shop in your nearest store does not mean they don’t like your area for some reason. It is all about making a top-notch business decision! You don’t have to be stranded though. Check out Macy’s online stores for your goods and have them delivered to your doorstep at a little extra cost. Alternatively, find another store for urgent purchases.


1. Will my nearest Macy’s reopen?

If the nearest Macy’s to you has been closed, there is absolutely no certainty that it will reopen. However, Macy’s is currently working on plans to open smaller stores close to residential areas to make shopping easier and more comfortable for many folks. Who knows, the one coming to your area may just be next to you!

2. Is it likely my nearest Macy’s close shop any time soon?

Whether or not your nearest Macy’s will close up depends on many factors that you cannot control. Just keep monitoring news from Macy’s to find out if your nearest store is next on the hacking list.

Is Macy’s Ventura Closing? -Know More

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