Does Stanley Steemer Clean Baseboards?

Stanley Steemer was established in 1947 by Jack A. Bates. With more than 280 corporate and franchise locations in Dublin, Ohio, United States, they offer carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and air duct cleaning.  They also sell a variety of cleaning supplies for use in the home and business, Stanley Steamer also specializes in the restoration of water damage. A baseboard serves as the transition between the wall and the floor and just as cleaning your floor, cleaning the baseboards is equally important.let us know about that the Does Stanley Steemer Clean Baseboards?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Baseboards?

Stanley Steemer cleans baseboards. They use a wand-connected truck-mounted system which is the only equipment carried into the house. They steam clean your baseboards using a hot water extraction method, but they do not use steam to clean. Stanley Steemer uses a high-speed rotary brush extraction machine and a neutral cleaning chemical to remove stains. After cleaning the baseboards, they use a microfiber cloth dampened with their all-purpose cleaner to clean the edges of the baseboard. This will pick up any additional dirt the vacuum missed. They offer a 10-day guarantee.

Pricing for Stanley Steemer

The minimum cleaning price at Stanley Steemer is $100. For larger rooms, you can expect to pay $168. Upon inquiry, they will usually quote you based on the size of the room or the area of baseboard you want to cleanse. They will also charge you $84 for a refinisher upon request.

Stanley Steemer’s procedure for cleaning baseboards

Before cleaning the baseboard, the technicians do an inspection and decide on the best way to clean it based on the baseboard material and any damage in the baseboard to determine the type of cleaning solution and equipment to use.

  • They move furniture out of the way and vacuum the soil away. Thereafter, they begin cleaning the baseboards.
  • Stanley Steemer uses an auto scrubber to deep clean the baseboard. This machine uses a baseboard cleaner and hot water to remove dirt.
  • The area is then cleaned with a microfiber mop and fan, so you can use it immediately.
  • After the work is completed, they carry out an inspection with you to make sure you are satisfied with the service.

Stanley Steemer provides a 24/7 scheduling service. To schedule, reschedule, or cancel a booking with Stanley Steemer, you can :

  • Dial 1-800 STEEMER.
  • Go online and select a location. Enter your zip code and you will locate the store closest to you.

Stanley Steemer’s biggest competitors are

  • COIT, 
  • Chem-Dry, 
  • Servpro Industries
  • Sears.
  • Leaf filter

Stanley Steemers’ competitive advantage is that they offer cleaning as their primary service, unlike their other competitors who focus on restoration and offer cleaning as a secondary service.

Stanley Steemer’s cleaning services are

  • Tile and grout cleaning
  •  Natural stone cleaning
  •  Cleaning hardwood floors
  •  Air duct cleaning
  •  Car, boat, and RV cleaning

Stanley Steemer cleaning chemicals

Stanley Steemer has various cleaning chemicals that are free of toxins and are not harmful to pets. You can purchase them from various retail stores. They include:

  • Stanley Steemer spot remover $15.95
  • Stanley Steemer red wine remover, $12.95.
  • Stanley Steemer’s odor out plus $17.95
  • Stanley Steemer neutral tile and grout cleaner $15.95

How to clean your baseboards at home?

  • Use a vacuum brush or a stiff broom to remove the first layer of dust.
  • Wipe the baseboard clean with a mixture of warm water and a dash of vinegar.
  • Dry with a clean cloth and a dryer sheet to reduce dust.

The importance of cleaning baseboards

It is important to clean baseboards twice or once a month because of the dust accumulated from sweeping the floor and everyday dirt, which causes the baseboards to look dirty and dull. Just like your floors, baseboards should be cleaned regularly. When your baseboards are dirty, it makes your space feel unkempt and uncared for.


Stanley Steemer cleans baseboards. You will need to book their cleaning service, and a technician will inspect the area to be cleaned and give you a quote. Their pricing starts at $40 and a 10-day guarantee is given. They use a method of hot water extraction and a non-toxic chemical solution to clean your baseboards. The competitive advantage Stanley Steemer has over others is its offering of cleaning as its core business, as opposed to its competitors who offer cleaning as a secondary business.


Do you tip Stanley Steemer workers?

It is not a requirement to tip Stanley Steemer workers.

What is the best material for a baseboard that is easy to clean?

Oak and maple are the best materials for baseboards which are also easy to clean..

How often should you clean your baseboards?

It is recommended that you clean your baseboard once a month to prevent fast wear and tear due to hot water and chemicals used.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Baseboards?

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