Is Costco Gas Top Tier?


The price is usually the first concern for most people when on the lookout for a gas station. Nonetheless, it’s not often the situation  that the cheapest gas is the best for your engine. The quality of TOP TIER gas, which adheres to higher requirements, and regular gasoline was considered by AAA in 2016, and “substantial disparities” were discovered. Experts at AAA searched the internet to determine if the wholesaler’s gas is a premium gas and what a TOP TIER label means in light of the numerous stories that have been spread online and offline concerning Costco gasoline and TOP TIER fuel. If you are searching for Is Costco Gas top tier then this article will help you to know the information about this.

Is Costco Gas Top Tier?

Is Costco Gas Top Tier?

The simple answer is yes! Costco gas  is rated as top-tier. There are many Top Tier licensed retail brands on the market, and Costco is one of them. Gas from brands that are not listed in the TOP TIER category has been shown to perform worse than gas from Costco due to its certification and ranking in that category. 

To prolong the life of engines, Costco gas contains additives like corrosion inhibitors, friction reducers, and detergents in their proprietary blends. 

About Costco 

Costco started selling gas and everything else in 1995. In addition to being a Kirkland Signature product, Costco gas has the Top Tier certification label. 

The advantage of Costco gasoline is that it is premium but it is less priced; by 21 cents cheaper per gallon.

Of the approximately 50 Top Tier brands in the nation, Costco is one. Because Costco gasoline is more affordable and decent for your engine than non-Top Tier fuels, it is worth the fuel hype. 

According to several wholesalers’ websites, in addition to adding detergents to its gas, Costco does station maintenance regularly. You should change your fuel filters at regular intervals to prevent particles from reaching your engine. You should take chemical varieties from the gas stations’ tanks “at least once in a week” to check for adulterations. 

It’s a little unclear where Costco gets its fuel. However, the wholesaler’s website states that Costco fuel comes from prominent distributors and refineries in each location.”

Features of Costco 

Although the EPA does not impose deposit control additives in diesel fuel, Costco includes them in Kirkland SignatureTM Diesel to help keep your injectors clean and give your engine more power and optimum performance. Their diesel fuel contains additives that enhance cold engine stability and offer wear protection in addition to deposit control additives. These additives aid in enhancing combustion for simple ignition and smooth operation. It aids in preventing damaging wear on vital fuel system components.

The attendants at Costco gas stations are skilled and focused on helping you and keeping you safe at the pump while maintaining the station’s cleanliness and upkeep. 

All Costco stations are built for hassle-free convenience and are safe for the environment. The one-way traffic flow removes congestion and their extra-long pump hoses allow you to fill up from either side, which in turn allows you to quickly get on your way.

Top Tier Gasoline

When it comes to fuel, the Top Tier label is the benchmark. Non-Top Tier gasoline “produced 18 times higher engine deposits than Top Tier brands after about 3,500 miles of driving,” according to AAA’s recent study. Additionally, Top Tier gasoline has the potential to clean an engine. Why? 

That is because gasoline that complies with Top Tier regulations has more additives and detergents that fulfill two goals: which is to produce fewer engine deposits when consumed and to stop new deposits from forming. 

The buildup is dangerous because it may create misfires and incorrectly seated valves, which, if they occur often enough, may internally affect the engine and other downstream components.

Premium Gas 

The Top Tier moniker came into being in 2004 as a result of some of the best American automakers (BMW, Honda, Toyota, etc.) developing a fuel standard that exceeded EPA guidelines. Although any retailer may apply for a Top Tier identification, the body that administers the accreditation carries out lab tests and random audits to establish eligibility.


Since Top tier gas is better for your vehicle’s engine and efficiency, it is worthwhile to fill up your tanks with it. Additionally, if you’re a Costco ally and have access to one of their stations, it may be inexpensive. Otherwise, consult Top tier’s comprehensive list of accredited gas stations; among them are ARCO, Chevron, and Exxon.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What precisely is TOP TIER gas? 

Top Tier gasoline is illustrated as a gas that adheres to stricter requirements than regular gasoline, which is officially approved by the EPA. The difference is that Top Tier gasoline contains more detergents, which results in reduced carbon buildup, improved fuel economy, and a more durable  engine. 

2.Does Top Tier only come in premium gas form? 

No. A gas station’s whole inventory of fuels has been certified if it carries a Top Tier badge.

3.Does Costco sell premium gas? 

Yes, Costco gas is a Top Tier, and it is better than its rivals who aren’t Top Tier. The distributor possesses more than the EPA detergent requirement.

Is Costco Gas Top Tier?

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