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With numerous sites, affordable prices, and the capacity to deliver from coast to coast, FedEx, USPS, and USPS share certain similarities. In reality, FedEx and the USPS are collaborators rather than rivals, having signed a contract to collaborate on a range of services in 2001. Let us know does FedEx Take USPS and what will happen if a USPS Package is accidentally put into a FedEx dropbox in this article.

Does FedEx Take USPS?

Continue reading to learn more about this rather complicated partnership, including what happens if you mistakenly drop off a USPS package in a FedEx dropbox and if it will deliver USPS boxes.

Does FedEx accept USPS in light of their long-standing alliance?

FedEx occasionally manages USPS’s letters that have ended up in their custody, even though the two organizations do not share delivery responsibilities beyond what is stipulated in their contract. FedEx will most likely keep USPS’s mail until they can pick it up. However, the two shippers cannot be used interchangeably. 

FedEx and USPS overview

Each have their unique histories. An international courier firm called FedEx is known for its exceptional cargo tracking and overnight delivery capabilities. The United States Postal Service, or USPS, is the country’s primary postal service and a well-liked method of sending mail and small parcels domestically and abroad.

Their current alliance probably causes a misunderstanding over whether Fed-Ex accepts USPS or not. This collaboration was already in place when both signed a deal in 2001 granting USPS access to the former’s domestic and international air fleets.

Access to the Postal Service’s extensive local delivery capabilities was what FedEx received in exchange. Are you aware that USPS is legally required to deliver to all addresses in the country, regardless of the state of the roads, the weather, or anything else? 

FedEx, whose SmartPost service made the Postal Service’s rural access its centerpiece, will find that enticing. It discontinued its SmartPost service and ended its collaboration with USPS in March 2021. 

You may be thinking, what will happen If a USPS Package Is Accidentally Put Into a FedEx Dropbox? 

Remember that Fed-Ex is independent of USPS and is not obligated to deliver mail that was mistakenly dropped off at a Fed-Ex drop box but was intended for USPS. Anecdotally, FedEx has occasionally delivered the box despite the warning. 

Other possible outcomes include

  • Fed-Ex notifies USPS that they have a package intended for their service, then keeps the box while waiting for a USPS representative to pick it up. 
  • If you have an account with FedEx, they could seek your contact information and get in touch with you to notify you of the mistake. 

Whatever occurs, don’t panic; FedEx does not routinely discard boxes that have been delivered to the incorrect shipper. Despite this, you must remember that Fed-Ex and USPS are not equivalent shippers. 

FedEx offers a variety of delivery choices and is particularly well-known for its prompt delivery services, including its ground-breaking use of overnight shipping to deliver products quickly.

Solutions to Customer Queries

  • Can You Use Fed-Ex To Return A USPS Package? Think twice before putting all of your returns in FedEx drop boxes. Since FedEx terminated their relationship and relaunched their local service as FedEx Ground Economy in March 2021, Smartpost is no longer operational. 

The last places the parcels were delivered before being turned over to USPS, the SmartPost hubs, are now entirely gone. Because FedEx must transfer the package to USPS in a different manner, it is highly possible that USPS returns will no longer be able to be returned by FedEx or that they will take much longer. 

  • Can I send via Fed-Ex using a USPS box, if that’s what you’re asking? Yes, provided that all traces of USPS, including labels and addresses, are covered or deleted. Will FedEx, however, genuinely handle a USPS box as a Fed-Ex shipment? No, The most helpful fact is that FedEx won’t deliver a package intended for USPS.

Although they occasionally share services, the two run their businesses independently. Furthermore, it is technically against the law to place anything inside the mailbox at a specific location other than the residents and postal workers. 

FedEx drivers won’t repeatedly be seen committing federal offenses. While mistakes can emerge, you will be badly let down if you try to treat FedEx and USPS as alternative businesses. 


Despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary, FedEx does not routinely handle USPS mailpieces. The two shippers’ current collaboration probably contributes significantly to the misunderstanding around the two of them and their purported interchangeability. Packages with USPS labels will not be conveyed by FedEx. 

FedEx is a business with good standing, so completing the Postal Service’s work for them won’t bring in any money. 

In the best-case scenario, FedEx will deliver the box to USPS, causing a slight delay for your receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Do FedEx fees vary by box size? 

You are charged for each shipment depending on the package weight or the dimensional weight.

2.Does USPS deliver FedEx boxes? 

No. FedEx or another shipper box will not be accepted by USPS. 

Does FedEx Take USPS? – Know More!

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