Best Buy Open Box Warranty – Complete Guide

Open-box products at lower pricing include phones, computers, and video gaming consoles. Customers may not be familiar with the Best Buy Open Box Warranty. Open-box items, however, lack the same packaging that would give the impression that they are brand-new. The Open Box Warranty at Best Buy is explained in full here.

A Complete Guide To The Best Buy Open Box Warranty Terms And Conditions

Open Box Warranty Policy at Best Buy

As of September 2022, Best Buy still offers its customers a warranty on open-boxes products. These goods’ manufacturer warranties are good for up to 365 days, after which the client can get the Geek Squad Protection Plan. Therefore, buyers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for warranty services like repair, maintenance, and replacement of merchandise that is still in its original wrapping.

Follow along as we discuss Best Buy’s Open Box Warranty Policy, including whether you may return goods that are still in their original wrapping.

What Is the Open Box Warranty Policy?

The Best Buy protection plan for open box products are called the “Open Box Warranty Policy.”

Best Buy chooses to provide a365-day (1 year) manufacturer’s warranty along with open box products.

The Best Buy store you are buying from will give a system for repairing open-box products that are no longer covered if the manufacturer’s warranty on the item has expired.

You can also decide to pay for services from Best Buy’s Service Department if maintenance is required after the manufacturer’s warranty on open box items has run out.

It’s also vital to remember that open-box products are returnable and exchangeable outside of the warranty duration.

Within 14–45 days after the purchase date, a consumer may seek the trade for a restoration of open-box products in this situation.

Customers should be aware that the customer membership, not the product warranty, determines the time period for the exchange and return of open-box products.

Are Best Buy Open Box Excellent products?

Thankfully, the fantastic open box Best Buy products come with a guarantee.

Even though Best Buy sells quality products at an open discount box. It also offers a warranty. It handles them just like recently launched goods.

It is important to remember that Geek Squad inspects and marks as “Excellent” the condition of open-box Best Buy items with the tag “Excellent” on them.

The marks “Excellent-Certified,” “Outstanding,” “acceptable,” or “fair” are on other items in unopened cartons.

A product is in a very good condition and comes with a warranty if it has a warranty tag and has an “Open Box Outstanding” status.

Ways of Redeeming Best Buy Open-Boxes Warranty

You may contact Best Buy by phone or business website to claim your Best Buy open boxes warranty.

Call 1-888-237-8289 to reach Best Buy customer service if you’d instead do so. You can state your request here and wait for instructions from Best Buy’s customer service personnel.

However, you may also use the corporate website to contact Best Buy’s customer care and submit a claim for your open box warranty.

You may read our articles on the Best Buy return policy for phones, the Best Buy return policy beyond 15 days, and if Best Buy examines serial numbers if you want to learn more.


With the Open Box Warranty, you have a way to get a warranty on new items. However, some things may not be as described. If you have any questions about your product or it isn’t working right, you can contact the manufacturer or receive a warranty from a distributor. By getting a warranty from a manufacturer and asking for one from your local Best Buy store, you can have a more seamless product experience and ensure that your product is covered by the Open Boxes Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I return Open Box items?

Yes, Best Buy-purchased products with open boxes may be returned.

Any open box product can be returned by the consumer under warranty, or they can use Best Buy’s return and exchange policy.

Before claiming a warranty, a client who wants repair and maintenance services should review the manufacturer’s warranty policies and conditions.

Customers may return or exchange dissatisfied open box items made at Best Buy within a specific period, which varies based on the product.

Does Best Buy Provide A Warranty For Items With Open Boxes?

Yes, Best Buy open box purchases come with a warranty. Let’s imagine that after purchasing an open-box item, you need to have it replaced, repaired, or serviced. As with new goods, Best Buy offers consumers a warranty in this situation.

As a consequence, customers may ask Best Buy for maintenance services if they find a flaw with an open-box product while it is still covered by the warranty.

The employees at Best Buy schedule for repair and maintenance services once the consumer asks for warranty services.

Best Buy Open Box Warranty – Complete Guide

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