New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families

COVID has proved to be a turmoil in our lives. People had no income sources, and with the increase in living expenses, their survival was critical. It has increased social crimes like domestic violence, which need special attention. As there is no money, there is also a rise in poverty, and people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs. Especially parents with infants are unable to purchase basic things like diapers and baby food. To aid this situation, Governor Hochul has announced a help of $64 Million for the survivor. It will bring a lot of difference in their lives as it will help them in coming out of such situations. Let us know ‘New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families kept under Domestic Violence Survivors’.

New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families

New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families

Domestic violence is a social evil that is hard to tackle. It sees no gender while hunting down the victim. In New York, over 64 million families suffered from domestic violence during a pandemic. This crime not only affects the victim but the whole family. The children can have mental stress because of this, and so as elders. Other problems like poverty are also creating pressure to aid this issue government has assigned $64 million in COVID Aid to those who are suffering from domestic violence and to the parents who cannot afford basic things like diapers to improve their situation. 

Things the government is doing to help the victims:

The Government of New York has assigned a fund of $64 million to help the families with their expenses during the Covid -19 pandemic. This fund covers the food expenses for children and elders in the family, and it also provides a lot of support to families by giving them $140 for their child’s diapers. The pandemic has caused an increase in violence, deaths, rapes, and many other heinous crimes. The isolation of lockdown affects the mental health of the people and makes them vulnerable. The COVID fund is assigned to help such people who have lost their hope in COVID. This fund also helps families to pay their short-term expenses like rent and repairs. It is illegal to practice domestic violence and the guilty person will be imprisoned. The fund of $64 million helps many families across New York City that are suffering from domestic violence. This will provide food for survival and diapers to newborn babies. 

Where 64 million Aid is used?

These 64 million aids were used to provide relief to all those people who suffered the pandemic which particularly included domestic violence survivors and families with infants. COVID turned their world upside down and this fund was provided to help them rebuild their lives and feed their families. Covid-19 not only affected the economy but also the lifestyle of many families. The rate of domestic violence has increased drastically because of the 2020 pandemic. People spend more time in their homes, and the one who is already suffering from violence is struggling more because of continuous dominance. They are afraid of raising voices against their partners because of this, they are living their lives in misery.

Domestic Violence:

When a person abuse, beat, and use violence against another person in a social relationship then it is termed domestic violence. If one person gains control over another and dominates, it can destroy the life of the submissive person and would make their relationship toxic. The survivors of domestic violence can take action against their partners if they are in pain. This abuse largely happens with women but it can also happen with men or children. In countries where there is less gender equality, the rate of domestic violence is high. As one partner act as superior to another. If you find that someone is suffering from domestic violence then you can help that person and register a complaint. 


Abusing, torturing, giving mental stress, and any kind of violence are a part of domestic violence. People all over the world are suffering from this practice where one person in a relationship is tortured and beats another person for being dominant and gaining control over the other. When Covid 19 pandemic started it led to a lockdown and a work-from-home situation. This triggered people with dominant personalities and the cases of domestic violence increased. The government of New York has provided funds to the victims and families so that they can improve their lifestyles.

  • How much money do you get from cash assistance NYC? 

It depends on the condition of your family which includes your financial position and the number of family members you have. The cash assistance NYC does helps greatly those who are in need. 

  • What is cash assistance NYC?

New York State Cash Assistance Programs help families or people who need cash assistance due to their poor financial state. It includes families with minor children or no children, old people, and youngsters with no family. 

New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families

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