Covid -19

New York 64 Million Covid Aid Struggling Families

COVID has proved to be a turmoil in our lives. People had no income sources, and with the increase in living expenses, their survival was critical. It has increased social crimes like domestic violence, which need special attention. As there is no money, there is also a rise in poverty, and people are struggling to […]

Pfizer Stock Rises FDA Approval Covid Booster Kids

Pfizer is a famous American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. Pfizer was given the authorization for their newly synthesized covid vaccine booster shot. this booster should be administered to children of age group from 5-11 years old. Let us know about ‘Pfizer Stock Rises FDA Approval Covid Booster Kids’. Pfizer Stock Rises FDA Approval Covid […]

How The Covid -19 Pandemic Led To Parental Burnout?

Many of us face a major hurdle if the COVID pandemic persists. Because of the pandemic’s long-term effects, we’ve lost a lot of our ability to cope with stressful situations like natural catastrophes. A pandemic or other long-term tragedy will not be helped by our surge capacity, an adaptation mechanism designed to assist us get […]

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